Brian Marino, President, Southwestern Hearing Centers
Brian Marino, PresidentEstablished in 1947, Southwestern Hearing Centers is a family-owned and operated full-service hearing care provider that has become a symbol of trust for individuals with hearing disabilities. The company offers innovative, cutting edge hearing aids for patients and leads the way in after-sales services via readily accessible hand on care or digital support 24/7.

“We are the largest and oldest hearing aid provider in Saint Louis. We have been in operation since 1947 and since day 1 it’s about putting the patient first. Our family is proud to continue a legacy across three generations that has focused on high quality hearing care for hundreds of thousands of patients and friends over the years,” states Brian Marino, President, Southwestern Hearing Centers.

Southwestern Hearing Centers understands that today’s hearing aid market is changing. Just like every other industry, the hearing care field is evolving rapidly. “The amount of information available is wonderful, but can also add confusion for an aging demographic. This is an area where Southwestern Hearing Centers really excels. Helping to guide and educate confused patients and put the focus back to hearing better.” Marino stated.

To this end, Southwestern Hearing Centers offers advanced hearing aids that are lightweight and near-invisible and fit easily into the users’ ear canal, making them comfortable to use and virtually impossible to see. Their highly trained Specialists can also program hearing aids virtually within seconds and resolve any issues either virtually or hands on in one of their 30 Midwest clinics.

Southwestern Hearing Centers: Hearing Care and Cutting-edge Hearing Aids Backed by Comprehensive Support

“We know how ear moisture (sweat), wax, hair and other products can affect functionality of these devices and readily address these maintenance needs with our product service offerings,” says Marino. “Aside from offering award winning technology, delivering the highest quality service is what we do best”.

Leveraging the best of modern tech, Southwestern Hearing Centers also offers hearing aids with diverse functionalities. For instance, if any user especially an aged person trips and falls, the fall detection technology with some of their hearing aids can automatically alert their loved ones via text. They even offer products that monitor the users’ steps taken, blood pressure, or Artificial Intelligence that can translate language in real time.

Putting the patient first is the bedrock of what we do. Southwestern Hearing Centers is in business to help people. Period

Southwestern Hearing Centers’ holistic services have helped them garner thousands of happy patients and has been honored to become one of the most reviewed hearing providers in the US with thousands of 5-star reviews and testimonials on platforms like Google, Facebook, and the BBB. In addition, they have received numerous awards throughout the years like the Top 100 Work places, the New Ideas Award, the Elite Hearing Care Provider award, and Hearing Care Angel Award, to name a few, for their groundbreaking contributions to the hearing care sector

But the company doesn’t stop in St. Louis. Southwestern Hearing Centers is also on a mission to improve the lives of hearing-impaired people across the world. It collaborates with the Starkey Hearing Foundation and donates a portion of its proceeds to provide free hearing aids to people worldwide in underserved regions where hearing care is simply not accessible.

In a nutshell, Southwestern Hearing Centers’ high-tech hearing aids, value-added services, and active customer support, compiled with over 75 years of experience and dedication to providing a comfortable life to hearing disabled individuals, truly make them a trustworthy choice among countless people suffering from hearing-related disabilities.