Tom Kendrot, CEO, Shearwater Health
Tom Kendrot, CEOIn the next five years, approximately 880,000 licensed U.S. nurses are set to retire, while only 80,000 nurses will graduate from U.S. nursing schools per year to compensate for open positions. Evidently, this is creating a massive talent gap in the nursing domain, which will ultimately impact the overall healthcare system and patient care. Shearwater Health, a clinical process outsourcing (CPO) specialist, is helping the healthcare industry steer ahead of this impending care personnel shortage by providing on-demand remote and onsite clinician and nursing teams.

The company leverages its global healthcare solutions model to recruit nurses from around 35 countries and deploy them to its client healthcare organizations whenever needed. For instance, if a hospital in Tennessee with 200 nurse openings is struggling to fill the vacancies, Shearwater can give them access to its massive network of clinical workers around the globe to help fill the gap and streamline their critical workflow. Besides sourcing nurses with extensive expertise in the healthcare realm, Shearwater also supports many other clinical personnel with additional clinical licenses or education. As a result, Shearwater Health’s clients can rest assured that they will always have access to any number of dependable and skilled clinical personnel from around the world at reduced costs.

Notably, the company also has a dedicated team of over 4,000 personnel in the Philippines, who support Shearwater’s operations in the U.S. So, even if Shearwater’s clients face acute skill shortages in the U.S., they can always depend on the company’s Philippine personnel to get the administrative tasks done.

Shearwater Health: Enhancing Care by Streamlining Clinical Processes

“Not only that, even if something that can be done outside of a hospital’s four walls not involving patient care—such as remote patient care—we can accomplish that with our team in the Philippines,” highlights Tom Kendrot, CEO of Shearwater.

While its extensive network of clinical workers is a feat by itself, the company’s meticulous onboarding process is also remarkable. Initially, Shearwater conducts a thorough assessment of their client’s working environment as well as the issues they are currently facing—whether in terms of operational challenges or difficulties in executing their clinical strategies. Based on either of the cases, Shearwater’s service team proactively communicates with hospitals to determine their clinical needs, resulting in requests for nurses or clinical administrative staff to outsource procedural tasks.

A testament to the company’s efforts in making this happen can be found in the story of a client that had challenges in hiring stateside nurses to perform clinical reviews of utilization management. Shearwater did not completely displace the U.S. resources with temporary help and contractors, but instead, they leveraged their Philippines-based resources to supplement the U.S. healthcare crew. Shearwater was able to implement the required plan within 6-9 months, and soon after, the client had teams in both the U.S. and the Philippines performing their clinical reviews. This implementation increased the client’s operational capacity and ability to scale, and most importantly, it reduced their cost by 40-50 percent.

The Company Leverages Its Global Healthcare Solutions Model To Recruit Nurses From Around 35 Countries And Deploy Them To Its Client Healthcare Organizations Whenever Needed

Owing to such success stories, Shearwater sees tremendous oppor¬tunities growing within their core solutions. Moreover, the company is working on making additional invest¬ments in areas such as remote patient monitoring platforms, not only to solve healthcare needs from the tech¬nology perspective, but also to add some clinical intervention in their CPO division.