Daniel Etra, CEO, Rethink
Daniel Etra, CEOProlonged periods of isolation, the struggle of juggling various personal and professional responsibilities, and reduced socialization opportunities have triggered stress, fear, and uncertainty among employees. The added impetus of COVID-19 over the past years has exacerbated the mental health crisis, increasing the incidence of depression, anxiety, and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

One of the ways employers can address these compounding issues is via an employee wellness program. However, the problem lies with how businesses approach wellness programs for their employees. The benefits typically offered in an employee wellness plan are decided from the payers’ and healthcare providers’ perspectives. And in doing so, they often fail to acknowledge the person behind the employee and their individual needs and expectations. What is imperative for businesses and corporate organizations is to create highly personalized population health plans, designed around the employee.

This is where Rethink a premier digital behavioral health platform flips the script in favor of employees, including ones challenged with a developmental disability and the need for caregiver supports. As companies look to lead with empathy and build resilience among their employees amidst a global pandemic, Rethink is supporting them by improving the mental health and capabilities of individuals through its cloud-based, digital platform that delivers online treatment tools and clinical supports to organizations, schools, and families globally.

Rethink’s SaaS solutions are powered by proprietary, clinically validated content and best practices overseen by a renowned Scientific Advisory Board, and include more than 2,000 evidenced-based training modules, extensive Social and Emotional Learning content, and ground breaking neurodiversity and inclusion training and a full suite of data automation tools.

Rethink: Shaping the Future of Behavioral Healthcare

The Company’s signature platform allows for an easy-to-implement, comprehensive range of well-being and organizational development programs designed to enhance employee performance. “In order to support the behavioral health of all employees, including those caring for dependents with a developmental disability, we offer a comprehensive cloud-based platform featuring treatment tools, training, and clinical assistance,” notes Daniel A. Etra, CEO and Co-founder at Rethink. Today, its award-winning signature solution contains thousands of video-based demonstrations developed by acclaimed international experts. “We specifically look at stress, anxiety, and depression levels within individuals in the workplace, which are a big concern in today’s workplace,” mentions Etra.

Apart from supporting employees, Rethink provides a full suite of practice management tools for behavioral health organizations. Its latest offerings include treatment outcomes tracking and robust data analytics for public and private agencies delivering treatment for individuals on the autism spectrum, offering them complete control over the treatment process and the ability to more effectively deliver scalable best practice interventions.
  • No other product or company combines workflow automation, a massive digital content library and robust data analytics all accessible online on a single easyto use web-based platform

Discussing at lengths how Rethink’s innovative solution helps companies alleviate the impact of mental disorders on their employees and boost their performance and confidence, Etra affirms, “Probably, no other product or company combines workflow automation, a massive digital content library and robust data analytics all accessible online on a single easy-to-use web-based platform.”

Already a pioneer and market leader in behavioral and mental health technology, Rethink is supporting companies globally in facilitating a healthier life for everyone by fortifying their wellness programs and benefits offerings. Addressing the most challenging needs in healthcare and education, Rethink’s research-driven approach has earned the Company glowing accolades in the industry. A testament to Rethink’s innovative approach to effectively supporting employees in the workplace is the firm’s success story with Costco, a multibillion-dollar global retailer. Costco rolled out Rethink’s program and services as part of their employee benefits offering. Of all of the company’s benefits programs, Rethink received the most appreciation from employees who expressed their gratitude directly to Costco’s senior leadership noting what a difference Rethink made in their lives.

Currently, the New York-based company is serving thousands of clients globally, including 30 of the Fortune 100 and many of the country’s largest public school systems. “Our platform is perfectly poised to meaningfully impact the mental health of individuals as well as support those caring for a dependent with a developmental disability,” concludes Etra.