Ken Leung, Managing Director, Lee Sze Wing, Managing Director, PRPPL Consultancy Limited Testing
Ken Leung, Managing Director, Lee Sze Wing, Managing DirectorThe pandemic has forced a change in medical and healthcare marketing. New classifications in medical and healthcare products and services have emerged which have and continue to change the market, meaning companies have had to rethink existing strategies. Whilst these may continue to centre around product awareness, efficacy, and accessibility, to be effective new, more dynamic and flexible approaches need to be adopted.

One of the leading healthcare PR agencies in Hong Kong, PRPPL has long been at the forefront of pioneering new thinking and approaches to medical and healthcare PR. This left them well positioned to help clients design and calibrate existing strategies to transition towards the greater flexibility needed to continue to be effective at engaging a broad range of stakeholders across a multiple demographics.

PRPPL is able to draw on a well-connected, value-driven and industry-wide network that spans pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers to private hospitals and specialist clinics, healthcare professionals, patient groups and medical technology manufacturers. Bringing together business-critical information, marketing campaigns, and market intelligence allows PRPPL to build up both a broad but also in-depth understanding of the local and regional market, and to seek solutions that may be beyond the scope of other less specialised PR firms.

This unique approach allows PRPPL to more effectively bridge the gap between their clients, the healthcare sector, and people.

PRPPL Consultancy Limited: Bridging The Gap Between Healthcare and People

PRPPL specialises in event management, media campaigns, video and multimedia production and medical writing, and has built a reputation for effectively using HCPs and healthcare KOLs on multiple channels to engage audiences.

They are also experienced at building new online networks and platforms to address advertising, media relations and crisis management — all of which are sensitive to market trends. This allows PRPPL to remain up-to-date and responsive, and to leverage social media effectively.

“With our expertise, we differentiate ourselves as a one-stop service for medical and health brand marketing. From content development to design and HCP engagement to AD placement, we cater to a whole spectrum of necessities. We are a group of people who have profound experiences in medical journalism, online health promotion and medical event management,” says Lee Sze Wing, Co-Managing Director of PRPPL.

We are a group of people who have profound experiences in medical journalism, online health promotion and medical event management

From conducting interviews with HCPs to production material and launching online initiatives, the company’s approach and expertise aligns well with emerging best practice and industrial standards and compliance requirements. Many of the marketing solutions first proposed and pioneered by PRPPL, notably in the type and use of video, has proven to be a continual source of ideas for replicable and successful applications for clients in further promoting their message.

“There is a big difference between the way to go about promoting OTC and prescription products. Whilst we specialise in the latter, we try to bridge the gap between people and products by focusing on engagement and keeping an element of fun in the solutions we offer clients. For example, for one diabetes product we produced for our client a series of cooking videos that engaged 46 specialists. It proved highly effective, generating an enormous number of views and positive reactions on social media. PRPPL won several awards for this project,” says, Ken Leung, Co- Managing Director.

This approach, network and ability to provide a holistic approach, combined with local knowledge and quick turnaround times, is why PRPPL can count many leading international pharmaceutical companies and market leaders as clients. It is also why this small yet dedicated and experienced team is well positioned to provide and deliver the forward-thinking, dynamic and flexible strategies clients needed during the pandemic, and when moving forward.