In the mental health space, approximately half of the people diagnosed with one mental condition will also meet the criteria for another, making accurate clinical assessment and treatment highly challenging. Only a few therapies are consistently successful for people whose illnesses are classified in broad, general categories. This generates a need in the market for accurate diagnosis and individualized treatment for patients experiencing mental health issues.

Filling this gap is PACC Mental Health Services, a company providing accurate diagnosis and personalized patient treatment with a holistic mental health facility and a seasoned team of medical experts. The company’s expertise in treating psychiatric diseases, autism, and persistent developmental issues enables it to provide patient care that exceeds expectations. Furthermore, PACC’s clinical team utilizes applied behavior analysis (ABA) to create personalized treatment plans that address the core deficits of all major mental disorders and autism spectrum disorders (ASD) across children, teenagers, adults, and minors.

“Our mental health care center was built to be a one stop shop for personalized services to patients while placing a strong focus on patient care,” explains Amy Karamyan, President of PACC Mental Health Services. Patients who go through PACC Mental Health Services’ mental health program notice a difference in mental health and day-to day life within months. The treatment plan comprises goals based on psychological processing, therapy with family involvement, and training.

Unlike most mental healthcare centers that offer straightforward talk therapy, PACC provides a long-term psychotherapy care program structured with specific guidelines that doctors follow to provide patients with quality treatment.

PACC Mental Health Services: An End-to-End Treatment Avenue for Mental Healthcare

The company assesses its patients, creates plans for every patient, and then allocates physicians to work with them on a daily basis. As there is no cure for autism, PACC Mental Health Services’ long-term care plan can be a valuable resource for patients and caregivers managing ASD symptoms. The type of care provided by PACC Mental Health Services’ assigned doctors is considered the epitome, evident from the fact that there are zero patient grievances on the company’s provider complaint board. Even in cases where a patient fails to build a personal connection with the assigned doctor, they are welcome to select any provider in PACC Mental Health Services’ center. This strong patient care service culture is driven by the company’s belief that psychotherapy is a process that requires a patient to connect with their therapist in order to open up and accept the treatment and care.
  • Our mental health care center was built to be a one-stop shop for personalized services to patients while placing a strong focus on patient care

PACC Mental Health Services’ strongest selling point is its patient satisfaction, which is backed by a plethora of good feedback. A recent in-house survey revealed that patients have been comfortable with their assigned mental health provider from day one. Furthermore, it was discovered that patients only left PACC Mental Health Services when they improved or no longer required sessions. The firm is proud that not a single patient has been dissatisfied with its services. Patients are immensely grateful to have competent physicians and structured treatment in place for their mental health needs.

Moving forward, PACC is working on adding intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), partial hospitalization, MRI, X-Ray and a psychiatry center to the firm’s already impressive portfolio. Furthermore, the firm plans to upgrade the group therapy facility and have enough room for 10-person sessions by the end of 2024. With the holistic strategy that PACC Mental Health Services provides, children, adults, and their families can gain the everyday skills needed to function and enrich their quality of life while being active members of society.