Stephen McGuire, Managing Director, Oxford Medical
Stephen McGuire, Managing DirectorIn the hopes of curating the most effective career development courses for doctors, Oxford Medical created a holistic training service that empowers practitioners with the soft skills required to improve their daily practise.

The company imparts knowledge on how to hone one’s leadership, management, communication, and teaching skills in medical environments via their range of group-based or self-guided courses.

Oxford Medical’s courses are characterised by their inclusivity, with medical professionals of all grades and specialties welcome. The company’s experienced tutors facilitate interactive learning for all, supporting participants in identifying how to translate theory and concepts into real life action.

Since its inception in 2004, Oxford Medical has come to identify specific gaps in the common training paths for doctors along with several problematic behavioural issues within the profession. Moreover, Good Medical Practice, the ethical guidance published by the UK’s General Medical Council (GMC), emphasises the need to communicate effectively with patients and work collaboratively with colleagues.

“In this era of specialist and multidisciplinary teams, doctors need to be experts at joining teams, at welcoming and supporting new team members,” says Stephen McGuire, Managing Director of Oxford Medical.

This has motivated the company to develop a range of courses which promote a culture of collaborative, compassionate leadership all while nurturing independent, capable, critical thinkers. Doctors are encouraged to think inclusively, learning about themselves, colleagues, patients, families, and respective hospitals and clinics for the benefit of all.

It’s also important to mention that all the company’s activities are externally assessed and accredited, with a certificate awarding Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points provided to all learners on completing their chosen course.

Oxford Medical’s options in their communication skills category include courses which focus on either the team or patient communication context. Clients can choose between one-day or two-day group sessions or self-guided online courses to suit their learning preferences and requirements.

The company’s medical leadership and management courses further educate doctors on several concepts and models directly applicable to their role.

Oxford Medical: Career Development Courses for Doctors

Three different one-day courses are available, each having its own focal point. Again, doctors have the liberty to choose any one or a combination of many courses as per their requirements or can opt for self-guided online options. In 2019, Oxford Medical’s Essentials of Medical Leadership and Management course was the first course accredited and certified by the Faculty of Medical Leadership & Management (FMLM). All options in the leadership and management category now hold this same quality assurance recognition.

Inculcating the ability to support the learning and development of others, Oxford Medical hosts its renowned two-day Teach the Teacher Course for Doctors. It is the leading course of its type in the UK and covers the teaching theories, principles, and tools needed for a doctor to steer the development of their peers, juniors and students while contributing to the healthcare community’s growth.

Additionally, Oxford Medical offers a range of options for Consultant Interview preparation and a separate range of ST/ CT Medical Interview Courses. Each option has its distinctive content and format to match the specific requirements of individuals. The company has trained thousands of doctors to deliver their best performance in job interviews, earning an impeccable reputation as the go-to expert in the field. These courses and complementary materials are designed and delivered by practising National Health Service (NHS) consultants with interview experience, ensuring the best form of preparation.

Having built their reputation on running in person courses at venues around the UK, the company has perfected the art of disseminating knowledge through all mediums. Doctors can attend courses on scheduled dates—either in the Virtual Training Room or in-person—or learn through self-guided online courses at their own pace.
  • In this era of specialist and multidisciplinary teams, doctors need to be experts at joining teams, at welcoming and supporting new team members

Due to the lockdowns imposed by the pandemic, Oxford Medical innovated their virtual training room to continue in its endeavour to train the doctor community. Using secure video conferencing software, an experienced tutor encourages small group, interactive learning which has been very well received by delegates. As an added advantage. virtual training rooms also facilitate international delegates to participate in the many learning opportunities put forth by Oxford Medical.

Apart from virtual training rooms and the in-person course options, doctors can also sign up for online courses, which combine videos, texts, interactive infographics, and reflective exercises to keep every participant engaged. Doctors can work through these online courses at their own pace, revisiting the materials as often as they wish throughout their subscription. The latest example of this format is Oxford Medical’s new Mentoring Skills for Doctors Online Course which is another valuable addition to the existing courses

The digital books offered by Oxford Medical are equally interactive, with intuitively-designed features making it easy to make notes and record reflections which can then be revisited at a later point.

Overall, Oxford Medical serves as a safe space for delegates, equipping them with the ability to assess their skill sets and bring forth new ideas without inhibitions. With such strong training and career development capabilities, their range of courses consistently proves itself a versatile resource for doctors everywhere. The company has emerged successful in imparting soft skills training to thousands of doctors over the last two decades, as validated by the many reviews on Trust Pilot where they are rated as “Excellent”. Moving forward, the legacy established by Oxford Medical will continue to enrich healthcare providers, ushering in a change in the global medical industry.