Scott Cruze - Director of Cloud Professional Services, Ron Rerko - Director of Healthcare Cloud Solutions  , Onix
Scott Cruze - Director of Cloud Professional Services, Ron Rerko - Director of Healthcare Cloud Solutions Driven by the utmost importance of securing patient data, healthcare compliance plays a crucial role in addressing healthcare costs and expanding the reach of government healthcare programs. The Cloud, owing to its inherent benefits of cost savings, remote file sharing, custom applications, and expanded storage, is being increasingly adopted by the healthcare industry to achieve a higher standard of compliance. However, the labyrinthine regulations often cause inconsistencies and duplication of efforts which can be prevented through a cloud-based, security-led approach to data aggregation, processing, and analysis. With its deep cloud expertise, Onix is enabling this by always incorporating the highest level of security with its cloud services. You can say it is part of their DNA.

Onix serves the healthcare industry from cloud adoption to migration of workloads, to advanced data analytics using AI/ML, and finally managing workloads. “We try to look across the whole healthcare ecosystem i.e hospitals, research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare insurers etc, as all of them are looking to get access to the same type of data (patient data, even if de-identified) to improve their efficiency,” says Ron Rerko, Director of Onix’s Healthcare Cloud Solutions.

Combining healthcare expertise and technical cloud expertise allows Onix to uniquely address its customers’ pain points and foster innovation and best advance their business objectives. As “siloed” data (or disconnected data) is one of the most common problems faced by healthcare companies, data aggregation is the key step to achieve value from the data. Understanding that data exists in differentrepositories with different applications within a healthcare system, Onix works to enable its customers to bring that data together, analyze it and develop new and important insights.

Onix: Streamlining Healthcare Compliance through Cloud Acumen

When engaging with clients, Onix starts with an assessment and meets them where they are in their cloud journey. After understanding their vision, Onix zeroes in on the value drivers that the clients is trying to achieve. Accordingly, Onix follows a customer-focused approach to fulfill the client’s specific requirements. Onix can address operational efficiency, innovation, business agility, or risk mitigation as per their need.

Helping its customers understand the use of a cloud platform in a secure way, Onix works with them to provide the right access to the right people at the right time , while auditing all that access. Onix incorporates HIPAA compliance, access levels, and various other security measures to achieve the highest level of security and privacy for its customers. Onix then shifts its focus to modernization and migration, wherein it helps customers understand their data and existing workloads. Onix assesses those workloads to identify which part needs to be changed or transformed to help their customer innovate or best address their pain points. Leveraging data analytics, Onix taps into large customer data repositories, integrates them, and enables its customers to analyze the data to develop new insights. Onix also offers managed services to continually optimize resources to ensure that applications function correctly and cost-effectively at scale.

Security governance and compliance are built into the foundations of what we do with our customers and how we interact with them

A testament to Onix’s capability is the case of Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc. (GOBHI), a behavioral health and social services network. GOBHI had some specific use cases, such as non-emergency medical transportation. It wanted to correlate ride data with claim and vaccination logs for increased provider capacity opportunities, even automating payment processing based on ride logs. But it did not have the data in a single view, as it existed in its legacy data environment. Onix came in and after understanding the usecases, set up a data foundation in the cloud for the client, essentially an environment with HIPAA compliance already built-in. This allowed the client to gather data from multiple data sources into a self-service analytics environment which enabled it to analyze previously un-correlated data to develop new insights.

Since its inception in 1992, Onix has been demonstrating its expertise and thought leadership, thus giving confidence to its prospective clients to engage with them. Onix deep experience has enabled their customers to shortcut the time-consuming and costly learning process. Believing in achieving targeted outcomes, Onix uses a cloud approach to realize significant ROI (Return on Investment) and VOI (Value on Investment) for their customers.