Eric D. Robinson, Chief Commercial Officer and Sharon Moise, MD Chief Medical Officer, Medcor
Eric D. Robinson, Chief Commercial Officer and Sharon Moise, MD Chief Medical OfficerEmployee health and productivity go hand in hand as health is the most critical component in promoting efficiency and productivity at work. It creates an effective working environment that benefits businesses by keeping the workforce robust, optimistic, creative, and motivated. However, industry workers face a wide range of hazards at the workplace, usually requiring immediate attention, which they are deprived of in the current status quo. They often struggle with unnecessary treatment that raises their expenses or suffer from severe wellness constraints caused by inadequate healthcare. To tackle these issues, one of the leading healthcare navigation service providers, Medcor, is restructuring the industry with services like on-site and mobile clinics, telemedicine, safety services, and health security services.

Bolstered by a renewed approach to medical aid, Medcor is reshaping the face of healthcare by providing health navigation that uses evidencebased medicine, provisioning patented assessment methods in making smart decisions pertaining to patient care, and preventing unnecessary treatments. The company cements its position in the health navigation arena through its network of worksite clinics, construction employee clinics, and telehealth solutions that include telemedicine and injury triage, safety services, and health security.

With distinctive evidence-based medicine and 38 years of proficiency in the industry, Medcor stands out as a Healthcare company that provides solutions to mitigate worksite health emergencies and massive healthcare costs. It deviates froma conventional hospital-patient structure that discards the need for employees to travel to offsite clinics in the event of most workplace injuries or illnesses.

Medcor: Restructuring Healthcare through Health-Navigation

With an equally impressive clinical affairs department at the helm, its undertakings have freed patients from budgetary limitations and saved productive time at work.

“We try to analyze and understand from our perspective, the ways to align our services with workers’ needs, and ultimately design and implement a solution relevant to their workforce,” says Eric D. Robinson, chief commercial officer, Medcor.

Medcor’s retrospective outlook toward its clients helps dive deep into its workforce’s needs by looking at the type of injuries they could have previously experienced. Such a detailed perspective gives it a profound understanding of how it can align its services with the client’s needs and efficiently design a solution that can revitalize employee health. Over the past 38 years, Medcor has successfully expanded its enterprise across 50 states in the US, serving the retail, manufacturing, distribution, and grocery industries.

We try to analyze and understand from our perspective the ways to align our services with their needs, and ultimately, design and implement a solution that is going to work for their workforce

The last two years of the pandemic witnessed growing concerns about health security, mental health issues, and substance abuse. Medcor, with its core competence in tackling such formidable situations, provided its service to one of its clients facing COVID-19-related hindrances. It created a bubble protocol that protected the employees from the outside world; the bio bubble efficiently retained 1300 people covid-free after testing negative. In a similar occurrence, the company assisted another client achieve a 94.4 percent success rate in tending to first aid-related injuries on-site. Its emergency assistance was diligently precise in providing the correct measure of care for employees and eliminated the necessity of referring to an outside medical provider.

Devising calculative and meticulous healthcare solutions, Medcor establishes an evidence-based approach to care while cultivating progressive culture to consistently improve its technology and workforce. Along with helping its clients attain adequate support and aid on their road to recovery, the company promotes a learning atmosphere that contributes to motivation, progression, and improvements in medical assistance.