David Kreiss, President & CEO, KM2 Solutions
David Kreiss, President & CEOIt’s safe to say that healthcare companies, from insurers to pharmaceutical companies, aren’t known for being customer-focused. With a growing demand for healthcare services, it’s critical for businesses to provide better patient and customer experiences. An aging population, combined with the current state of healthcare emergencies, necessitates an examination of healthcare brands’ operational capabilities. An important change would be to bring about exceptional CX and employ digital-first touch points. A pivotal component of that will be to move out of the negative emotions province of worry and fear that comes with sickness and start to introduce seamless patient-doctor and customer interactions—moving from sick-care to proactive healthcare experiences. Predicting and resolving problems before they affect the patient-customer has become the new norm. In healthcare, customer experience has come a long way. However, based on its low popularity, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

This is where KM² Solutions help to make a world of difference!

Founded in 2004, this industry-leading near shore outsourcing provider offers high-quality, cost-effective, bilingual services for companies across the healthcare sector. The company’s services include customer care, account management, technical support, sales & marketing, data analytics, and back-office processing. Their omnichannel engagement manages customer interactions across the entire lifecycle, engaging with them at any touch point of their choosing and with unparalleled service and attention to detail.

“Through our consultative approach, we provide healthcare outsourcing solutions that resolve issues in a friendly and timely manner.

KM2 Solutions: Fostering Patient-centered Care with Premier Nearshore Outsourcing Services

Ensuring all market-established KPIs are not just met, but exceeded, thereby providing an exceptional patient experience,” says David Kreiss, President & CEO of KM² Solutions.

KM² Solutions pays continual emphasis on training and development and their contact center agents’ ability to deal with clients’ consumers on a daily basis in order to provide access to a talented and well-educated workforce. The company solidifies this by not only supporting a work-friendly environment for their workers but also emerging as the employer of choice/goto- employer in the countries they operate in. In addition, they are committed to charitable activities in local communities through their corporate social responsibility division, KM² Cares. Adaptability is another one of KM² Solutions’ keys to success. At the height of the pandemic, KM² Solutions launched their Work-From-Home model, deployed 50 percent of their workforce to at-home workstations, and consequently made their business model more dynamic than ever. “With continuity measures successfully implemented, we can fully leverage the benefits of remote deployment, management, and training through a hybrid model. This has enabled us to achieve new heights of flexibility, performance, and productivity,” says Kreiss.

Through our consultative approach,we provide healthcare outsourcing solutions that resolve issues in a friendly and timely manner, ensuring all market-established KPIs are not just met, but exceeded thereby providing an exceptional patient experience

Headquartered in the US and with an expansive footprint across the Caribbean and Latin America, the company has set a track record for delivering secure and scalable solutions to Fortune 500 clients hailing from various vital sectors such as retail, technology, finance, telecommunication, hospitality, and utility. And from this juncture, KM² Solutions is en route to achieving further record growth!

“As we enter a new year bigger, stronger, and more adaptable, we seek to deliver best-in-class services to fulfill our clients’ complicated and ever-changing business outsourcing requirements better than ever before,” concludes Kreiss.