Peter Frankhuisen, Owner, Frankhuisen Medical Training and Solutions
Peter Frankhuisen, OwnerThe leading healthcare firms of today are consistently looking to acquire skills and specialties. To deal with the vast changes in healthcare, organizations are striving to modernize their approach to training and development while offering consistent and regular learning throughout the career path. To this end, Frankhuisen Medical Training and Solutions (FMTS) is making a mark in the healthcare industry with its tailor-made courses and training in the field of emergency response, first aid, and CPR.

FMTS is a dynamic company with highly motivated and experienced instructors. All its teachers are NRR, NIBHV, BIG, Orange and/or Red Cross certified. They effortlessly transfer theory into practice in an exciting manner since all the teachers have worked in emergency care services—predominantly ambulatory services and the fire brigade. The customer’s demands and training requirements are given due consideration. If required, the firm creates a comprehensive training plan tailored to the needs of the enterprise, institution, or (sports) association. The company mainly focuses on developing the required practical skills. Further, in collaboration with the Red Cross and the Orange Cross, FMTS organizes first aid courses for infants, adults, sports injuries, and CPR and AED courses. With FMTS’ CPR and AED courses, one can learn how to act quickly. If the right actions are taken quickly, the chance of a successful performance increases enormously.

The automated external defibrillator is increasingly present in public places. When an AED is used in combination with CPR, this increases a victim’s chances.

Frankhuisen Medical Training and Solutions: Revitalizing Healthcare With Tailor-Made Medical Training Solutions

FMTS provides a BHV course via the internet in collaboration with the NIBHV. This online emergency response course is based on “Blended Learning”. This is a combination of e-learning (an internet teaching program) with a one-day practical training. With the course conducted over the internet, students can prepare for a one-day practical training at their own pace, time, and place of their choosing. Students are admitted to the practical day if they have obtained the admission certificate of the e-learning program. Students spend an average of six to eight hours going through the e-learning program. The compulsory practical part lasts one day. During this practical day, a theory exam is taken for life-saving actions and firefighting as well as a practical competency test. This includes certification by the NIBHV and costs for the practical day. E-learning can also be followed in-company.

Employees at FMTS can avail benefits from our courses. Following a brief theoretical foundation, we focus mostly on practical abilities. There will be no stamping or monotonous monologues; instead, an interactive working method with a practical approach will be used

The training at FMTS is centered on attaining the best possible results. Attention is paid to cooperation, mutual communication and, last but not least, the skills that are expected of employees. During these training courses, the firm regularly uses patient simulations. The duration and learning objectives of the course are planned in consultation with employees. FMTS’ goal is to discuss both positive and negative points for improvement so that the end results in improved patient care. The company is striving to create a safe learning environment in which they provide feedback in an open and honest manner on the relevant actions or case histories. Moreover, the training courses are supervised by professional first responders.

Educators at FMTS are accustomed to acting and thinking in a certain way. They have also learnt to improvise and get the best care possible under less-than-ideal situations. Treading ahead, FMTS will continue to provide medical training and tailor-made courses in the field of emergency response in-company as well as in other locations.