Lukas Alner, Managing Partner, Diagnose.Me
Lukas Alner, Managing PartnerDespite the monotony of the work-from-home lifestyle, by now, everyone is well adjusted with this new normal. However, the prolonged phases of lockdown haven’t been received well by many. There has notably been a sharp rise in mental health issues in recent months. The silver lining of this ongoing episode is probably the unanimous recognition of mental health as a critical factor of our day to day lives and overall wellbeing. Driven by this realisation, many global businesses are now moving beyond the initial cultural and societal taboos and offering complimentary psychological therapies and consultation to their consumers and employees, albeit virtually.

Facilitating these novel initiatives, telehealth is playing a crucial role in ensuring employee wellness. And not only for an employee’s mental wellbeing, but mobile health is now paving the way for all-round physical wellness as well. With telehealth taking precedence over the traditional healthcare system, the industry maven that is emerging as a champion is Based out of Amsterdam—with the CEE office in Bratislava, Slovakia— is empowering businesses to differentiate their brands by focusing on employee and customer wellness through the incorporation of innovative telehealth services.

How it all began…

The early adopters of digital health services, was founded in 2013 by entrepreneurs Ivan Stefunko and Lukas Alner after they experienced traumatic health diagnoses and the difficulty in accessing expert medical opinions. Through their experience, both Stefunko and Alner realised how crucial yet difficult it was to access international medical specialists for expert consultation. This realization drove them to co-found, a company built on the idea of connecting clients with top medical specialist independent on their geographical location.

And instead of stopping there, continued to evolve and add more services around mobile healthcare. Today, the company stands out as one of the successful telehealth service providers in Central and Eastern Europe.

Diagnose.Me: Preparing Telemedicine for a Post-Covid-19 World

“Our patient-centric approach and emphasis on quality medical consultations have allowed us to build a global telehealth service,” enthuses Alner, co-founder and CEO of

But, how exactly is revolutionising the future of telehealth? operates in different niche domains within the digital healthcare space. The primary clients of are corporate entities, such as banks, insurance companies, telecom service providers, and more. The clients typically leverage’s whitelabelled platform to integrate telehealth services on top of their existing employee wellness models.

Notably, during the current COVID-19 pandemic, is helping its partners improve and make their core services more attractive by adding telemedicine, including mental health experts.

On top of these services is the company’s AI diagnostic app called AIDA. For the end-users, AIDA offers a threefold service. The application can act as a virtual personal coach for the customers, offering them tailored health tips to improve their lifestyle. Secondly, the app can intricately weave the attributes of a virtual coach with an additional set of features to lay down specific activity milestones with monthly, weekly, or yearly rewards. Thirdly, AIDA can facilitate the users to interact with international doctors and coaches for a further health consultation.

Explaining the typical use cases of telehealth for the corporate clients, Alner shares a few scenarios where its digital coach and telehealth services can catalyse healthy lifestyle choices. For instance, the reward system of the AIDA app can be used by insurance providers to increase their interaction with end-customers. These businesses can also offer dynamic underwriting, wherein a person’s policy price or premium can be altered if they meet a particular fitness goal. Likewise, banks can offer a dynamic interest rate based on an individual’s lifestyle choices.

In addition to bringing forth such stimulating ideas for corporate clientele, continues to offer its global second medical opinion services directly to consumers. Individuals can directly access international medical experts most suitable for their specific medical issues. Alternatively, users can call or chat online with a team members who can help them choose a medical expert. The users can then describe their ailment or upload their medical reports like MRIs, CT scans, and blood tests. And, within a timeframe of 2-3 days, the chosen medical expert can provide the user with a piece of comprehensive medical advice.

Our smart medical interviewer makes diagnosis more qualitative

Moving ahead with such a positive outlook for the future, is now rolling out multiple pilot projects for its virtual coach, health reward, and telemedicine services with many major clients. To this end, the company is also extending its reach into Asia and countries such as Russia, Turkey, the Baltic states, and Kazakhstan, among others. “We are happy to announce that we have reached an important milestone of 1 million members that can benefit from our services world-wide,” concludes Alner.