JP Richards, Director of Marketing, BioMedical Waste Solutions
JP Richards, Director of MarketingMedical practice administrators often spend a disproportionate amount of time arranging reliable, compliant, and affordable medical waste hauling and disposal. With soaring costs and a lack of dependable, licensed service providers, healthcare institutions find it incredibly challenging to manage medical wastes and reduce their detrimental impact on the environment. Missed pick-ups have far-reaching consequences, as uncollected medical waste can become malodorous, attract bugs and pests, and even take a healthcare facility out of compliance.

BioMedical Waste Solutions offers a cost-effective and reliable alternative solution to inconsistent and expensive services delivered by local companies and expensive conglomerates. As one of the few carriers licensed in nearly every state, the company provides consistent, compliant service to healthcare facilities and healthcare systems all over the country.

BioMedical Waste Solutions streamlines the medical waste disposal process for practice administrators by offering a complete medical waste management solution. Led by a team of experts with deep industry knowledge, the company delivers prompt medical waste pick-up service round the clock and OSHA Compliance Training Programs. With customer-centricity at the core, BioMedical Waste Solutions has retained nearly every client it collaborated with during the past 17 years of operation.

BioMedical Waste Solutions offers services that are designed to take the stress and effort out of managing medical waste disposal. Effective medical and biohazardous waste disposal should run smoothly in the background, allowing administrative personnel to focus on mission-critical functions.

BioMedical Waste Solutions: Affordable, Dependable, and Compliant Medical Waste Disposal

Marketing Director JP Richards says, “With our solution, medical waste disposal becomes hassle-free, so administrators don’t have to be concerned about it ever again.”

Having evolved from a small family business to a national operator, BioMedical Waste Solutions is tethered to the values of honesty, generosity, and integrity. The company demonstrates its integrity with its straightforward contracts, which never include price changes. While other waste disposal service providers inflate prices after the initial contract period, BioMedical Waste Solutions has been able to provide clients with consistent rates, even with recent fluctuations in fuel prices.

With our solution, medical waste disposal becomes hassle-free, so administrators don’t have to be concerned about it ever again

A national presence and steady rates aren’t all that BioMedical Waste Solutions has to offer to its clients. The company delivers on its mission to fulfill each commitment and fix any issues that may arise. Richards says, “Reliable service is ingrained in our DNA. We show up when we say we’re going to show up. When we say we’re going to do something, we do it. And if we don’t, we apologize and make it right.”

It is with this can-do attitude that the BioMedical Waste Solutions team helped clients during the pandemic when infectious medical waste quickly overwhelmed existing waste transport and disposal infrastructure. With the increased usage of personal protective equipment, gloves, and face masks during the COVID-19 outbreak, the amount of medical waste produced by healthcare facilities skyrocketed. BioMedical Waste Solutions rose to the challenge, supporting its clients in managing the ten-fold increase in waste production with timely, hygienic disposal. Even at the peak of the pandemic, the company continued serving the community, ensuring that clients could count on their trusted medical disposal service provider.

Under the leadership of founder and CEO Wes Sonnier, BioMedical Waste Solutions continues to invest in technological upgrades to ensure it stays on the cutting edge of medical waste disposal. The company also has its own waste-processing plant in Beaumont, TX, to process regulated medical waste. Steering ahead, BioMedical Waste Solutions aims to attract top talent and grow its expert team while continuing to provide reliable, affordable, and compliant medical waste disposal services by leveraging the partnerships it has built throughout the U.S.