John Wilson, CEO, Anovora
John Wilson, CEOThe healthcare industry is undergoing a paradigm shift toward personalized medicine, smarter drugs, early disease intervention, and digital health. The industry’s adoption of these technologies has been slow, and the value to patients must be improved. This is where Anovora’s robust solutions come in. Anovora makes use of big data technologies and develops, tests, and certifies innovative solutions for clients across healthcare and medtech industries.

Along with innovative business solutions that scale for the enterprise, we provide subject matter expertise and creativity to our clients,” says Henry Wilson, Managing Director of Anovora. The company has solutions, including a healthcare platform that facilitates clinical data access by allowing medical workers to use associated applications and devices. This enables the transmission clean, continuous, and secure information in real-time.

Anovora helps clients to digitalize their processes. For example, the company enables collection and delivery of data through the use of cloud-based wearables and medical devices.

Anovora: Redefining Patient Care with Technology

It enables heterogeneous data analysis across numerous devices in healthcare systems by equipping these devices with machine learning capabilities and EHR connection.

Anovora’s primary goal is to deliver their clients with cutting-edge technologies in the form of end-to-end solutions. The company assists clients in removing roadblocks and complexities so that they can be a resource for their clients. This enables their clients to concentrate on the true business problems at hand while also making a difference in people’s lives through the clinical research they conduct. “We support and extend those features for their clients because we are built entirely on big data technology. Clients can use their own data exploration tools such as R, Python, Scala, Matlab, Spark Notebook, and SAS,” adds Wilson.

Anovora’s services are not just restricted to big data and analytics. The company has also developed a solution that caters specifically to the orthopedic sector—a technologyenabled patient engagement and flow management program for patients with musculoskeletal issues. The solution empowers patients by providing them with personalized educational materials and online tools to monitor their progress before and after surgery. It further helps the healthcare staff to track patients’ progress and maintain contact in and out of the hospital setting, resulting in consistency and continuity of care.

In addition to all that, Anovora has also developed a clinical 360º view of patients, which helps with the collection of several data sources in near real-time to enable clinical teams to make decisions based on real-world data. It enables clients to fully integrate various data sources such as wearables, sensors, and medical devices with other clinical data to accelerate time to market in clinical research. Moreover, healthcare providers can now develop a digital fingerprint of each patient, which can be used to track their patterns of behavior over time and spot anomalies via the use of advanced machine learning specifically suited to each individual.

As more healthcare personnel and businesses realize the value of technology, Anovora remains committed to its mission of empowering the salesforce as trusted advisors in an automated, scalable manner to enhance patient care, build trust, and grow revenue.