Stephen Levi Carter, CEO & Administrator, White Orchid Hospice
Stephen Levi Carter, CEO & AdministratorThe expression ‘the wisdom of the white orchid’ has long been thought to aid in the refinement of one’s spirit. True to this humble adage, White Orchid Hospice a hospice service provider is reminiscent of the gratifying flower, which, through its interdisciplinary patient-centered services and unwavering commitment, enhances the lives of the terminally ill and harmonizes their spirit during the departure. The company provides in-home patient hospice services, allowing the chronically ill to transition in a pleasant setting while receiving round-the-clock medical care.

“Our first priority is making the patient’s and caregiver’s experience as pleasant as possible. We want to ensure that all patient care is provided by a team of people who work for us and have what we term a ‘hospice heart,” states Stephen Carter, CEO & Administrator of White Orchid Hospice. ‘A Hospice heart’ refers to someone who has had a personal experience or relationship with someone who has received hospice treatment and understands the mental, physical, and emotional challenges or difficulties that a family faces during this tough period. The team with the ‘hospice heart’ can relate to a patient and their family members and provide better care both mentally and medically with an empathetic mindset.

Stephen saw firsthand how a terminal illness affects a family and people around the patient as he experienced his father’s final hours. Stephen also witnessed how much his aunt had to sacrifice to care for and attend to his father.

White Orchid Hospice: An Empathetic Touch to Hospice Services

Stephen much like others in a similar situation would have benefited from knowing how hospice may have helped them care for their loved ones while also lowering their stress levels. With that in mind, he decided to help others in a similar situation by providing comprehensive care services for their loved ones suffering from a terminal illness. White Orchid Hospice was founded by Stephen in 2016 to provide quality services to members of the community, no matter their ethnicity or socioeconomic status.

The company’s hospice services are all covered by either a private or a public insurance firm to eliminate the financial burden on an already grief-struck family. All of the medical equipment required to care for a patient, such as a hospital bed, wheelchair, oxygen supply, medicines, and more, is delivered straight to concerned homes by virtue of these services, ensuring that they have all of the medical requirements for a hospital room inside of their home. White Orchid Hospice also covers all medications related to the terminal illness as well as any medical supplies necessary for optimal care.
  • Our first priority is making the patient’s and caregiver’s experience as pleasant as possible. We want to ensure that all patient care is provided by a team of people who work for us and have what we term a ‘hospice heart

A registered nurse case manager will be assigned to monitor care for the patient. Their clinical team typically includes any necessary specialist to provide comfort care for the patient such as medical doctors, nurses, physical therapists, licensed vocational nurses, social workers, chaplains and much more. Additionally, along with medical care, White Orchid Hospice takes care of a patient by sending licensed nursing assistants to provide in-home care such as bathing, cooking, and cleaning, easing the strain on family members.

In addition to providing comprehensive hospice care, White Orchid Hospice goes out of its way to assist a patient’s family by tending to their pets, sending social volunteers to spend time with the bedridden individual, and finally assisting them in contacting people for reconciliation. White Orchid Hospice’s services have proven to make people feel as though they are an extension of their family, ready at the beck and call to care for them and give them the peace they very much deserve.