Every child has the right to a safe, nurturing environment to grow and thrive. Special needs children require more assistance and care due to their physical, developmental, behavioral, and emotional characteristics. As such, many families turn to specialized care management facilities to provide the best possible care for their loved ones.

Wellbound Home Care, a certified home health agency, brings a world of difference to care management, as they believe in the need for a more compassionate and holistic approach that extends beyond routine care. This stems primarily from the concerns families have about the variety of services in the market and how these services are delivered.

One of the numerous services delivered by Wellbound is assistance in navigating the vast healthcare system for parents and guardians who are unclear about what services are available. Wellbound deploys a patient advocate, who guides families while also acting as a liaison between the family and others related to their healthcare needs, such as insurance companies and lawyers for care management.

To offer a more personalized approach to care management, Wellbound has customizable programs for special needs care. ‘Kidz Thrive’ is an integrated program that focuses on the development of special needs children. The thrive program is behavioral based and focuses on sensory rewards for short term and long term goals. This holistic approach to special needs care is tailored per individual to maximize self-actualization, interpersonal skills, communication, and independence. The thrive program is Medicaid funded and targets children of all ages. The program has a dedicated pediatrics division that offers a broad range of integrated and multidisciplinary therapies that a special needs child requires to help them reach their full potential. These multidisciplinary therapies are combined with skilled nursing and Home Health Aide services for ongoing practice of tasks for memorization and self-progression.

“We provide physical therapy, occupational speech, and HHA service to individuals in their homes,” says Lovely Gracon, Pediatrics RN Case Manager at Wellbound.

Wellbound Home Care: A Holistic Approach to Special Needs Care

The company’s patient-centric services make life easier for special needs patients and their families, especially when combined for an individualized holistic approach.

When a special needs patient’s family reaches out to Wellbound through a referral, their case is assigned to a case manager who works to create an intertwined environment where both the patient and the assigned social worker feel at ease, and that is conducive to the patient’s best interests. Wellbound’s social workers form a deep and sympathetic bond with the children and ensure that they feel safe and comfortable.

Wellbound strives to improve the patient’s health while giving them the support to develop and fully utilize their fine motor abilities. This is reflected in their programs, which have helped many children feed themselves after a few sessions of occupational therapy. Their success was not limited to occupational therapy alone, as they were able to help families in other aspects as well.

We provide physical therapy, occupational speech, and HHA service to individuals in their homes

The first words of a child are one of the most memorable moments in a mother’s life, and Wellbound was able to help make that happen through their program for a mother of a 7-year-old child. The child had not uttered a word before enrolling in the program. In a few months, with the help of Wellbound’s speech therapist, the child was able to call out to his mother, bringing her joy beyond measure.

“What sets us apart is that we are in constant contact with the families on a biweekly, weekly, sometimes daily basis, depending on the needs,” says Gracon.

Wellbound maintains the connection with the child and family even after the program ends. This allows them to anticipate patient or family needs long after the program has ended and act as a safety net or pillar of support the family can rely on. This empathy and sense of responsibility mark them as the go-to company for special needs care management and continues to propel them forward in the industry.