Trevor Tully, Founder, and CEO, The BoldMD
Trevor Tully, Founder, and CEOEstablishing a private healthcare practice is a dream for many doctors. The rewards are aplenty, and so are the challenges. They must formulate a lucrative business plan, secure financing, choose a location, set up the equipment, and staff the facility. However, above all this, the real challenge for practices in today’s digital age is finding and attracting customers. As the majority of smaller medical practices are cash-based businesses that do not rely on insurance claims, they need to attract patients quickly and effectively to generate revenue, establish brand value, and achieve growth. What these practices need is a marketing authority with a clear understanding of health-care marketing in the digital age— a partner that can help them stand out from the competition.

Headquartered in Houston, TX, BoldMD is a trailblazer in the healthcare marketing space, special-izing in attracting and converting new patients for every practice. Having a clear understanding of the industry, BoldMD recognizes that healthcare marketing in the digital age involves proactive coordination of several different ‘tools’ and approaches such as social media, e-mail outreach, blog sharing, targeted advertising, and consumer data analytics. As such, the company generates compelling marketing content, performs marketing automation, and gleans data and insights to help countless practices bring awareness to their customers about the quality of their solutions and, in turn, grow their practice.

BoldMD’s founder and CEO, Trevor Tully’s experience in corporate marketing and commercial printing is a major force behind the company’s unique solutions. Prior to establishing BoldMD, Tully had worked with several large healthcare organizations in Houston, managing numerous high-profile accounts and running several innovative marketing campaigns. “I built many long-lasting relationships with clients during that time,” Tully recalls. A bachelor of science in kinesiol-ogy, Tully eventually branched out on his own, coupling his innate passion for healthcare with his experience in marketing and digital media to establish BoldMD. Tully’s first contract was with Rite Aid and RediClinic, and both still remain as BoldMD’s flagship accounts.

Today, BoldMD is a leading player in the healthcare marketing space with an exclusive focus on smaller practices, including pediatric dentists, IV therapy medical practices, and medical spas. The BoldMD team works with these clients to optimize their web presence, strengthen their market position and gain better insights from data to identify and convert new leads. BoldMD’s core dif-ferentiator as a healthcare marketing authority is its ability to ideate and generate high-end mar-keting content. All of BoldMD’s content professionals are highly experienced and hold a track re-cord in creating medical-specific content.

Bold and New Marketing Pathways for Specialized Practices

As a reliable healthcare marketing partner, BoldMD follows a four-phase approach to helping practices market their services to clients, ultimately putting these organizations on equal footing with any major healthcare player.

First, in the discovery stage, BoldMD tries to understand the healthcare practice’s brand and the owner(s) themselves and disseminate the true identity of the practice, its needs, goals, and previ-ous marketing initiatives.

The BoldMD: The Healthcare Marketing Authorities

Next, the team gathers the digital assets—such as logos, brand files, and current websites—to formulate the necessary creative and marketing actions for the future and develop new assets for the practice. After collating all the administrative access information (for social media/mail accounts), BoldMD determines the benchmarks, goals, strategy, and action plan. Finally, users receive both Google and Facebook administrative access, and BoldMD establishes concrete benchmarks. The company reviews the results at the end of every month to ensure that the practice is consistently making measurable progress.

Recreating Healthcare Marketing–The BoldMD Value Prop

Beyond its approach, BoldMD’s capacity to drive content-based performance boils down to two specializations:
1. Video production/ad creation
2. Performance marketing and analytics Soon after the discovery stage, BoldMD begins the client onboarding process, starting with a high-level video production initiative to identify the campaigns that need to be scripted and shot. Next, the BoldMD team draws up a quarterly content plan for the client based on the business season. It then provides video editors who have cinematic Hollywood caliber video production capabilities along with a dedicated account manager to oversee the campaigns. The creative director in charge of this operation is well experienced with professional capabilities in video editing and direction with a penchant for over-delivering. Under his guidance, the photographers and videographers collaborate with other editors to plan the content.

As someone who understands the challenges of growing a private practice, our goal is to be the growth partner that doctors deserve

BoldMD will then show the client a video-content demo and train them on using it to target differ-ent campaign segments. Once the campaign is live, the team regularly makes quick tweaks and modifications to maximize content efficacy in the first 60 days. “We want to show them how ac-countable we are in the first 60 days. We tell them what we’re going to do the next week, and we do it. We will then follow up and do the same thing every week,” Tully adds.

With the final content on the web and across the brand’s numerous channels, the dedicated ac-count manager taps in and goes over all future content plans with the client to understand how they would like the campaign to evolve. BoldMD’s tech-savvy team of dynamic account managers and content strategists have their finger on the pulse of the latest trends in social media. Armed with this knowledge, the performance marketing and analytics team enacts real and organic strategies for the high-quality content previously created by the production team.

BoldMD will also engage a brand-building effort as a part of their performance marketing offering to teach clients on social media best practices, content application, and page building across all channels.
Beyond that, BoldMD also specializes in YouTube advertising, which is a niche strength in the healthcare marketing space. In fact, every client onboarding begins with a Google digital strategy, followed by Facebook and Instagram plans, and then a YouTube strategy with a combination of static and video ads with a campaign sequence. BoldMD will launch ads for the client every two weeks to help them pivot quickly whenever any content goes into ad fatigue.

BoldMD has aptly demonstrated the efficacy of this approach in their work with ATX Spine, a au-thority spinal health practice based out of Austin, Texas. At the onset, ATX only had a simple DIY landing page that generated no traffic, contained no conversion tracking features, and had no mode for prompting calls to action. Besides, the practice had little to no web, social media pres-ence, or optimization/analytics capabilities. BoldMD stepped in and began building the online im-age for ATX. The BoldMD team quickly established a performance optimization strategy that in-cluded a data-driven, healthcare-specific approach to creating highly compelling content for the client’s webpage. They also launched a paid ad campaign, utilizing Google, Facebook, Yelp, and display ads to research and optimize keywords for ATX using AB testing.
  • We are like the synovial fluid in your joints. We reduce friction, allowing your medical practice to have movement and boundless growth

The result was a comprehensive online presence and digital strategy that created a wholly re-newed digital brand and market visibility for ATX. Today, ATX identifies new patient volume by ag-gregating their call log and patient data with the call report from the display ads, all thanks to the new digital strategy put in place by BoldMD. In addition, new ATX patients are now entered into an e-blast marketing automation/CRM/nurturing funnel to drive repeat customers and increase the lifetime value of each patient.

Defining End-to-End Solutions for Now and for the Future

“BoldMD’s core values continue to be accountability, speed to market, and customer-centricity, as they are critical in creating a high rate of success for our clients,” Tully says. The company works far and wide to increase the influence of its clients’ brands across multiple portals and at different levels, unlike its competitors, who often charge double or triple for a job that’s only half as good.

BoldMD is working on opening a new location in Austin, Texas, in the spring and closing a major three-year master services agreement with one of the largest healthcare systems in the world. In addition, the company plans to roll out an app for medical practices to simplify customer reten-tion. They are also adding a service that will help clients improve patient relationship management and enhance the lifetime value of patients. “As someone who understands the challenges of growing a private practice, our goal is to be the growth partner that doctors deserve,” Tully concludes. Schedule a demo at