Traci L. Taylor-Roberts, President, Sodalis Senior Living
Traci L. Taylor-Roberts, PresidentAssisted living and memory care facilities are built to enhance the quality of life for residents through supportive and responsive services. These communities offer the comfort of a residential environment with the feeling of belonging to a community.

With the aging baby boomer population, the healthcare community is dealing with a growing number of senior citizens who require elder care, assisted living or memory care facilities. Added to that, the intensifying shortage of elder care aides and physicians in the U.S. has resulted in the modification of the core concepts of care in these facilities. At the same time, the prevalence of age-related diseases, including osteoporosis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, has increased the need for qualified care personnel.

In this scenario, there is a growing need for reimagining the existing models of assisted living and memory care facilities to be more proactive and offer transformative solutions for senior care.

Sodalis Senior Living eclipses other providers by reshaping the delivery of elder care.

Sodalis Senior Living abides by its philosophy of ensuring residents a worry-free life with exceptional care from the company’s qualified staff. The company started in 1996 with a small memory care facility but has grown extensively, with facilities in 24 communities in Texas, Florida, and Georgia.

“We go beyond offering an acuity-based program to foster socialization in our facilities. Our tailor-made programs and activities are designed to help residents feel less isolated and revel in personal independence. Our innovative approach to wellbeing offers support when it’s needed, tailored to a resident’s specific situation and priorities,” states Traci L. Taylor-Roberts, President, Sodalis Senior Living.

Sodalis Senior Living: Redefining Quality of Care for Seniors

Sodalis Senior Living is known for its top-notch communities designed to have a serene ambiance with high-end décor. They have an array of amenities, including medication management, three home-style meals a day, plus snacks, laundry and linen service, housekeeping services, along with constant care and support. The company also employs qualified staff and activity assistants based on the number of residents and their needs. This professional care team can customize detailed plans to meet residents’ medical, physical, and social requirements.

One of the core offerings of Sodalis Senior Living is its unique Bridge Program, which is transitional in the assisted and memory care environments. The company’s team realized that most facilities focused on assisted living residents and those needing high acuity memory care, while high-functioning dementia residents were lost in the mix. With the Bridge Program, Sodalis Senior Living serves people with early dementia and assists them with redirection and medical appointments, etc. It allows them to connect, learn, contribute, and have fun within the facility as they cohabitate with other residents. The program also ensures that married people can stay together and have friends and family nearby.

We go beyond offering an acuity-based program to foster socialization in our facilities. Our tailor-made programs and activities are designed to help residents feel less isolated and revel in personal independence

Sodalis Senior Living has always geared up with market trends to remain relevant in the game. Leveraging the power of VR technology, the company has collaborated with MyndVR, a VR therapeutics provider primarily focused on the senior care industry and has successfully rolled out VR goggles across all its communities. These allow residents to experience the thrill of being on an Alaskan dogsled or the fun of fly fishing from the comfort of their living space. The company’s VR program proved to be a lifesaver for the residents during the pandemic, helping with their loneliness, depression and anxiety.

“We are constantly working toward improving our communities so that when people come in, they feel at home. At Sodalis Senior Living, we don’t just want our seniors to exist, but to truly live,” says Taylor-Roberts.

Traci’s love for spending time with elders since childhood has translated into Sodalis Senior Living’s progressive growth over the years. Her dedication and commitment have led the company to create meaningful workplaces that positively impact residents and families.