Brian Hall, President, PRL
Brian Hall, PresidentRevenue Cycle Management has challenged the healthcare industry for decades. In recent years, improved EMRs and practice management systems have promised a feasible way to improve RCM. Although there are plenty of available technologies and robust products, many healthcare facilities struggle to use them effectively. Another significant challenge in the field of revenue cycle management is the growing shortage of qualified labor, which was compounded during the pandemic.

As revenue dropped off and the labor pool contracted, healthcare facilities were forced to reconsider their approach to RCM. Many looked at partnerships to lower costs and achieve the most out of their revenue cycle. These new realities have made countless practices consider revenue cycle management service providers that offer comprehensive RCM knowledge and expertise to optimize their complex operations.

A leading provider of healthcare revenue services is Physicians Resources, LTD. (PRL), a full-service revenue cycle management company that offers complete revenue cycle management and consulting services to practices and physicians with unmatched customer service. The company supports mid to large sized practices and hospitalist organizations throughout the U.S. PRL services a variety of specialties, including orthopedic, ophthalmology, hospital medicine, GI, and many more. By leveraging RCM and accounts receivable technology solutions, PRL strives to surpass clients’ expectations by delivering unparalleled results and personalized service.

PRL: Driving Revenue Performance through the RevCycle Ecosystem

“Our goal is to integrate and optimize the entire revenue cycle management ecosystem—comprising clinical, patient, and the backend revenue cycle operations—to help clients achieve all their goals,” says Brian Hall, President of PRL. “Our commitment toward integrity, innovation, and a customer-first-attitude allow us to provide the best medical billing and accounts receivable service to hundreds of medical practices.”

PRL’s revenue cycle management team optimizes the financial ecosystem and increases the velocity and yield of clients’ the revenue stream. Their qualified team of RCM professionals helps address the labor issues by perfecting the clients RCM Ecosystem through automation and improved workflow. PRL utilizes time-proven processes, uses the best technology, and tracks performance through data analytics.

“We take a very transparent and collaborative partnership approach to work with clients. Our team first runs a health check on clients to analyze their revenue cycle management process and staffing. Identifying the gaps, they choose the best solution and collaboratively develop a strategic plan with the customer and once the customer signs off the plan it is put into action,” adds Hall.

PRL’s latest offering is FitChart, a medical chart auditing service for their clients. FitChart is a compliance tool that enables the company to take a deep dive into a clients’ documentation to ensure they are capturing and documenting everything appropriately.

In addition, PRL’s Patient Payment Xcelerator (PPX) is a unique solution that maximizes patient payment collections. PPX uses mobile technology, outbound calling, and analytics to drive effective patient collections and patient balance resolution. It is a robust offering that provides simple to use mobile payment tools for patients and bypasses cumbersome patient portals. “It’s a cleaner approach,” Hall remarks.

With such capabilities, PRL is heading toward a promising future. The company has so far achieved double-digit growth year over year for the past 5 years. Going forward, it will strive to keep this record intact with a focus on technology, the customer experience, and its team.

“We continue to develop our talented team that, in turn, will help our customers grow and experience success. As a true partner to our clients, we always work to drive our mutual success,” concludes Hall.