Charles Layne, CEO, PatientNow
Charles Layne, CEOFounded in 2004, PatientNow delivers a complete solution to manage every facet of elective medical practices. Initially, when the company came into existence, it provided EMR and practice management solutions to enable med spas and plastic surgeons to grow their clinics and ensure better engagement with their patients. However, PatientNow’s experts soon realized that the aesthetic and elective procedures industry was fragmented in nature owing to its reliance on multiple thirdparty tools for various purposes—be it marketing, payment facilitation, or management of patient photos. The lack of API connectivity made it impossible to integrate all these different solutions into EMR. Realizing this, PatientNow quickly extended its overall practice management solution to deliver a single platform that could help businesses manage their practice, patients, and clients at one location.

“We wanted to provide a single product to bring stability into different facets of clinics,” says Charles Layne, CEO, PatientNow. “We today deliver a complete solution that ensures the seamless management of elective medical practices.Similar to a hub and spoke, PatientNow acts as a hub (centralized database) for all individual spokes such as payments, marketing, photo management, and other patient records,” says Layne. The platform acts as a centralized database that aggregates all patient data, including forms, pictures, and transactions in a secure, HIPAA-compliant, cloud server. Its payment processing system is PCI compliant, and ePrescribe module meets all DEA requirements.

PatientNow: A Single Platform to Manage Every Aspect of Elective Medical Practices

In essence, it provides a single platform for practices to streamline operations, securely administer patient records, and boost ROI. If disparate pieces of technology don’t plugin directly via API, PatientNow inserts those into its technology stack to integrate those at a single place. This is how it eliminates the need to make numerous calls to multiple organizations for support, enabling practices to directly engage with a single entity.

To help clients seamlessly build patient engagement, PatientNow first helps practices develop and integrate a website and then designs search engine optimization rules to drive patients to that specific website for appointment booking. Once patients book the appointment, practices can easily send reminders, do charting, capture before and after photos, and record the payment medium as well. “Be it credit card, cash, or insurance reimbursement, we can completely contain the payment facilitation and also send reminders for the same,” says Layne. Using business intelligence reporting, it helps practices understand patient perspective and their spending behavior. Consequently, clients can come back with an incremental offer such as promotional incentives and drive the next level of patient engagement experience. “We provide practices with the ability to grow, retain, and monetize the patient ecosystem in a single place,” adds Layne. Practices can analyze the market reaction and seamlessly manage their patient acquisition, patient engagement, and patient expansion.
  • We wanted to provide a single product to bring stability into different facets of clinics,” says Charles Layne, CEO, PatientNow

To better serve the clients, PatientNow takes an ‘always doing what’s right’ and ‘owning to outcome’ approach. It has helped PatientNow’s experts to deliver the right solutions to more than 2,500 independent practices. The company handles all the engagements with patients and takes the responsibility of ROI on a particular case. “We aim to grow one percent every single week that results in annual 66-67 percent compounded growth rate,” asserts Layne. Driven by such a strategic approach and thinking, the company is currently investing in the modernization of its product to enhance the capability of the platform and make the interface more user-friendly. From a geographical standpoint, it is planning to extend its reach worldwide. Lastly, PatientNow is looking forward to adding various components, such as enhanced BI, reporting, UI, UX, and video module, into its platform that can deliver significant value to practices and patients. “Our mission is to be the one and only solution for a completely integrated practice management system. We are the only ones who can do a 360-degree view from attraction, conversion to retention in a single place,” concludes Layne.