Aleksey Medvedovskiy, CEO & Founder; Gabrielle Gorelik, SVP, Myle Technologies
Aleksey Medvedovskiy, CEO & Founder; Gabrielle Gorelik, SVPVery early in the morning, John Smith gets out of bed and prepares himself for his tri-weekly dialysis session. A little less than an hour into the appointment, he grabs his Medicare card and calls the physician’s office to arrange a pickup. Unfortunately, the state-contracted Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) providers are overburdened and inefficiently managed, leaving Mr. Smith stranded for hours, risking his health.

Mr. Smith’s plight is by no means an isolated incident. The inefficiency of NEMT services leaves more than four million Medicaid and Medicare patients without access to needed care each year. In addition to hindering the quality of patient care, this costs the U.S. more than $150 billion each year, not to mention the individual health cost of missed or delayed diagnoses.

Having been in the transportation industry for over two decades, Aleksey Medvedovskiy has seen first-hand how inefficient state contracted NEMT services disrupt patient access to timely medical care. In many cases, patients had to depend on taxi cabs, emergency medical services (EMS), or other means of transportation for medical appointments, which are costly. In order to address this problem, Medvedovskiy began researching the connection between health and transportation, and founded Myle Technologies, a transportation and technology company offering unrivaled transportation services with a focus on electronic hailing (E-HAIL) in NEMT markets.

Myle Technologies’ robust rideshare platform is designed to meet next-generation healthcare transportation needs. The company provides resources to successfully plan, design, operate, and provide on-demand services while offering innovative technologies to support microtransit, paratransit, and fixed route.

“Our proprietary technology platform allows government agencies, hospitals, health groups, dialysis centers, clinics, and nursing homes to easily and quickly find NEMT services for their Medicaid patients at an affordable price,” says Gabrielle Gorelik, Senior Vice President of Myle.

The Unique Myle Way

Clients can leverage Myle’s unique and large dispatch command center comprised of highly-trained industry experts to schedule on demand or in-advance rides. They can submit standing orders for multiple appointments in a week, along with special instructions, such as wheelchair or booster seats.

The dispatch command center receives and accepts requests from agencies, hospital systems, and brokers. Once approved, the Myle platform’s proprietary routing system proactively routes these trips and distributes them among the fleet of vehicles available within the state or region. It allows the company to ensure greater operational efficiency and complete more trips compared to other NEMT service providers.

Their drivers use the Myle Driver App to see the trips assigned to them. The app includes a robust navigation system that allows drivers to find the best routes for pickup and drop-off.

Myle Technologies: Going the Extra Myle to Optimize NEMT

The Myle platform also has automated passenger-pooling capabilities, which further augments a driver’s efficiency. For instance, if wheelchair and ambulatory passengers are on the same route and have similar drop-off locations, the routing system automatically pools these trips for the driver, allowing them to complete more trips within a shorter timeframe.

The Myle platform includes a superior vehicle management system that tracks vehicles every minute of the day. It monitors live driver location, fuel level, and tire pressure to ensure that the vehicle is ready and fit to transport patients safely.

Driving the Myle Power

Aspiring to serve as a “credentialed rideshare” company, Myle ensures that its drivers are thoroughly vetted and trained in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant transportation. The company adopts a comprehensive approach to onboarding its drivers. It begins with a virtual or an in-person interview to ensure that they are qualified to meet the Myle requirements. The company performs a comprehensive set of drug tests and background screening and ensures that its drivers hold extensive first-aid, CPR, wheelchair, and vision/hearing impairment certifications.

“We treat drivers as our partners, and empower them to provide patients with the best NEMT service possible,” says Gabrielle. Myle has a team of training professionals with extensive industry experience that train drivers on-site. Unlike a typical NEMT service provider that relies on a ‘one-size-fits-all’ webinar approach to train their drivers, team Myle leverages a week-long extensive in-person training program. Here, drivers receive specialized training that empowers them to care for patients requiring additional assistance. From politely and professionally conversing with passengers to getting them in a wheelchair safely, Myle’s training program covers it all.

This team of trainers and highly-qualified drivers positions Myle at the forefront of exceptional wheelchair, ambulatory, and COVID-19 transportation services for passengers requiring additional assistance. The company’s expertise in providing door-to-door, curb-to-curb, and door-through-door services helps patients in their journey from home to the clinic and back.

Above all this, Myle’s large fleet of NEMT vehicles allows it to accommodate the needs of any passenger, no matter how specialized their condition may be. In addition to the variety of patient transport services, the company also provides medical supply delivery, medical air ambulance, and specialty assistance.

The Myle Care in Real Life

With a vision to bring a new standard to medical transportation, Myle has partnered with several government agencies, hospitals, and leading healthcare facilities. The company recently collaborated with an Indiana-based broker to help them streamline their NEMT fleet in the state. Prior to Myle, the lack of NEMT providers in the state meant patients often had to wait at hospitals for up to 11 hours, or more, for a ride home.
Many hospitals even depended on ambulances to send their patients home after medical appointments, increasing costs and reducing overall response time to real emergencies. Myle mitigated these challenges with its ability to provide unrivaled NEMT services. The company was quick to launch in Indiana with 20 new, ADA-certified wheelchair vans, helping them gradually optimize their fleet in the state. Being IHCP certified (Medicaid- licensed within Indiana), Myle is taking on Indiana’s wheelchair trip volume with a fast and reliable NEMT option, allowing hospitals to reduce patient wait time to less than an hour.

In many instances, clients have used Myle’s large fleet of vehicles to provide wheelchair transportation for children in foster care. The company ensures that the car, driver, and passenger are constantly monitored to provide a comfortable, safe, and protected ride for patients.
  • Our proprietary technology platform allows government agencies, hospitals, health groups, dialysis centers, clinics, and nursing homes to easily and quickly find NEMT services for their Medicaid patients at an affordable price

Myle’s quest for innovation and adaptive capabilities were best showcased in its work during the pandemic. While most NEMT providers across the U.S. ceased operations due to workforce and financial constraints, Myle took a strategic turn toward providing exceptional COVID-19- related transportation. The company’s trained drivers were well equipped with the expertise and necessary resources to keep themselves and passengers safe during the transit to and from life-saving medical appointments. Team Myle was able to offer COVID positive transportation in 23 states and completed thousands of trips without a single driver getting infected.

Conquering the Myles Ahead

To keep the flywheel spinning and to ensure competitive viability, Myle fosters strategic partnerships with industry leading automakers such as Toyota and Chrysler. These longstanding relationships enable the company to thrive in its niche by keeping its assets intact. Having foreseen the possible nosedive of the automobile industry during the pandemic, Myle pre-booked over a hundred ADA-compliant wheelchair vans. This enabled the company to take the lead in providing unmatched NEMT services in several states in the U.S. while extending its reach to five new states.

Myle’s commitment to serve its clients and their patients is unmatched, and the company always puts its best foot forward to provide the ultimate in service. “We are the blueprint for the future generation of patient transport, and continue our pursuit to provide first-class NEMT services nationwide,” says Gabrielle.