Mike Siaperas, CEO and Founder, Med USA
Mike Siaperas, CEO and FounderIn 1979, national health expenditures represented nine percent of the U.S. Gross National Product (GNP), accounting for nearly $212.2 billion. While hospital care drove most of the expense, physician services followed with a value of $40.6 billion. Observing the rapid demand for these services, Mike Siaperas established Med USA, a physician services organization specializing in medical billing and software solutions.

Fast forward to 2022, and the financial viability of healthcare organizations and physician practices is no longer a foregone conclusion. Balancing legitimate patient needs against the pressure to reduce costs necessitates a shift in healthcare organizations’ focus from volume to value – in other words, a commitment to value-based care. Organizations must undergo a paradigm shift from traditional practices to a broader, digital-first revenue cycle management approach in order for physicians to continue providing high-quality care while succeeding in the business of care.

That’s precisely where Med USA fits the bill.

Med USA is recognized as a leading provider of customized RCM solutions for practices and hospital groups in 43 states. “We eliminate the burdens that come with collecting payments. This enables clients to focus on what is most important - providing care,” says Mike Siaperas, CEO and Founder of Med USA.

Banking on customer-centricity, Med USA has systematically enhanced the capabilities of their solutions through four decades of research, ensuring maximum reimbursement and improving revenue and profitability for providers. One of the company’s key services is Provider Credentialing. The company understands that any kind of delay in credentialing can negatively impact a practice’s cashflow.

Med USA: The Medical RCM and Credentialing Partner Physicians Need

However, organizations often lack the proper resources to manage this time-intensive process. To this end, Med USA’s delegated credentialing services enables clients to handle every phase of the process quickly and accurately.The company also provides in-depth, ad hoc analytics tools powered by Domoto allow medical practices to have complete real-time visibility into their provider enrollment status, operation and revenue, relative value units, and outcomes.

What puts Med USA a notch above the rest is its ability to use proprietary software systems while serving clients. This enables the company to quickly make necessary changes in their tools in order to meet client requirements. “We don’t have walls around us and can go to any extent to help clients address their challenges,” says Siaperas.

To put things into perspective, Med USA worked with one of the high through-put COVID-19 laboratories providing essential testing during the pandemic. The client was struggling to expand testing volume, establish cashflow to fund expansion of testing with timely through-put, and navigate the complex Public Health Emergency (PHE) regulations.

Med USA deployed a dedicated team of experts to offer RCM, payer enrollment, payer contracting and regulatory review services, while helping the client implement its business intelligence platform. The complete RCM implementation and custom software integration was accomplished in under 30 days—a feat unheard of in the industry. As a result, the lab was able to process over 8,000 test claims per day with an average of 18 days to payment. With the guidance of Med USA, submission of payer enrollment applications and payment of both insured and uninsured claims was seamless. These were a client’s exact words, post-collaboration, “In my tenure, I hold building a partnership with Med USA as one of my greatest accomplishments!”

We eliminate the burdens that come with collecting payments. This enables clients to focus on what is most important - providing care

Med USA envisions doubling down on its in-house technology and overall ability to customize offerings to satisfy customer needs. In Siaperas’s words, “We are here to provide the highest standards in the industry and we strive to accomplish that mission every day.”