Jonathan Grice, President, HomeTown Pharmacy
Jonathan Grice, PresidentHomeTown Pharmacy was founded by brothers and second-generation pharmacists, Tim and Fed Grice, Jr., with a mission to create one of the most sought-after community pharmacies in the U.S. With a humble start of just one store, the company expanded into a leading pharmacy chain today with more than 40 sites (and growing) across the country. Its services include retail, long-term care, and infusion pharmacy services, providing customized packaging, compounding, consultations, and durable medical equipment— all designed to improve patients’ overall medication outcomes.

One of its crown jewels is helping the long-term care (LTC) community to reduce the time spent on pharmacy needs and increase the time spent on patient care. Apart from offering 24/7 pharmacy service with excellent delivery timelines, and durable medical equipment (DME) items like wheelchairs, HomeTown Pharmacy helps its LTC clients with administrative and billing management technology.

HomeTown Pharmacy’s eMAR Interface, makes this massive feat seamless. As the name suggests, it is an interface that connects with most electronic medication administration record (eMAR) systems and helps HomeTown Pharmacy address the LTC facility’s operational inefficiencies. Equally commendable is HomeTown Pharmacy’s Extended Care Professional (ECP), an electronic medication charting system with live pharmacy integration to boost the capabilities of any eMAR, making it a well-rounded, complete care and management system.

HomeTown Pharmacy: Delivering Pharmacy Advantage to Long-Term Care

With tools for auto-creation of care plans that combine task scheduling and analyses, centralized and customizable care plan libraries, and incident and fall reports and follow-ups, ECP is all that an LTC site needs to provide complete care for its residents, while decreasing costs.

To implement the technology, HomeTown Pharmacy is committed to offering personalized and responsive services that help the LTC community provide optimal results, prevent readmissions, manage costs, and improve quality assurance procedures.

Having the flexibility to mix and match or personalize services is paramount for LTC as every facility is different. HomeTown Pharmacy, with a team of active members of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP), understands the nuances of different LTC sites, adopts industry best practices to offer customized solutions, and helps them stay clinically relevant with the new advances and requirements in long-term care. For instance, during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the medication dispensing systems in LTC sites had to be changed to comply with the new touchless and physical distancing requirements. HomeTown Pharmacy was quick and flexible in addressing the urgent need. Similarly, when new directors of nursing join care facilities that are HomeTown Pharmacy’s clients, and want to revise service models, HomeTown Pharmacy complies by adapting to the new practices without any hindrance.

We are large enough to service multi-unit chains, and small enough to be able to deliver personalized services, all at once

“What differentiates us is our approach to serving clients of varying sizes. We are large enough to service multi-unit chains, and small enough to be able to deliver personalized services, all at once,” says Jonathan Grice, president of HomeTown Pharmacy. At the same time, HomeTown Pharmacy’s strategic geographic locations give them an added edge, with a local connection to all of their clients.

Such facets are a testament to Grice’s assertion that ‘customization is HomeTown Pharmacy’s niche.’ Building on that strong statement, HomeTown Pharmacy is now focused on taking long-term care to the next level. The company is expanding geographically to explore opportunities beyond its current boundaries.