David T. Yoshii, Representative Director, Hatch Insight
David T. Yoshii, Representative DirectorA combination of science, technology, and medicine in the digital age has fast-tracked the innovation of medical data systems to expedite healthcare and drug delivery practices, and streamline health information reporting on various important clinical decisions. Thinking outside the box with data to generate ideas that improve lives is imperative. Medical enterprises rely heavily on data to implement agile strategies and make better, more informed decisions.

Improving a health system’s data infrastructure can enable doctors to bolster communication with patients, understand their medical history, and suggest the most ideal treatments. While many consultants and service providers have delved deep to drive the most value from data, one company, Hatch Insight, stands a cut above the rest. The company combines and analyzes various healthcare data to help businesses visualize insights about each participant in the healthcare continuum. Hatch Insight focuses on data science to develop services that bring caregivers closer to patients than ever before.

“We are an Aflac Group company providing value via a combination of machine learning techniques with healthcare and insurance big data” says David T. Yoshii, Representative Director at Hatch Insight.

Hatch Insight is a firm within Japan providing a unique ID for Aflac Group company customers that can be used to access services across the group as well as affiliated companies.

Hatch Insight: Aggregating, Analyzing, and Multiplying Data for a Better Tomorrow

The company leverages large amounts of anonymized data to provide value added services for customers.

In the context of data aggregation, there are many organizations in Japan that provide big data services surrounding information from medical fee statements, electronic medical records, prescription sales, among others. Leveraging these data sets, however, has always been challenging for pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers. Often, the data is fragmented and expensive. Hatch Insight excels in lowering the bar, making it possible for the average pharmaceutical company user to visualize patient data more closely and provides an overview of how hospitals and clinics are connected throughout Japan. With WhytPlot’s area marketing capabilities, clients can easily discern the number of patients by disease at the targeted diagnosis procedure combination (DPC) hospital and the inflow and outflow status to that area with a single click. WhytPlot has an abundance of medical data consolidated by the company to determine the hospital they should approach to ensure that a new drug, therapy, or device will have the greatest impact.

We are an Aflac Group venture providing value via a combination of machine learning techniques with big data and insurance and claims data

In one particular instance, a pharmaceutical company (global top ten company) approached Hatch Insight with its new treatment for a rare disease, which often goes undiagnosed and not properly treated. The companies collaborated to develop a customized version of WhytPlot to better track the potential patient pools for the condition. Hatch Insight combined the data it already possessed with client sales data to create a user-friendly, simplified version of the application. The client could use WhytPlot to study detailed charts, graphs, and tables consisting of all the relevant patient information and streamline their marketing activities. The pharmaceutical company continues to utilize the service today and in discussions for another disease area.

With such robust medical data management competencies, powered by a team of seasoned experts, Hatch Insight delivers a whole new dimension of value for the healthcare industry focused on Japan. Moving forward, Hatch Insight will continue to design and provide next-generation healthcare solutions that are best suited for medical business’s individualistic data needs with ease.