Misty L. Chance, Co-Owner, Evolution Consultants
Misty L. Chance, Co-OwnerIn the dynamic realm of medical practices, changes keep occurring at a break-neck pace and in quick succession. From payer guidelines to legislative documentation processes, the changes are so rapid that small healthcare providers and practice management have a hard time staying on top of it all. Consequently, the inability to be on par with the rapidly evolving changes and focus on all the business side issues leaves the practice exposed and/or inefficient. While most practice management face challenges with billing, staffing, process management, and on-site practice administration, others might also stumble with clean-ups. “Every medical practice faces problems as unique as their fingerprint and this is why one can’t put them into a single bucket of the most common,” says Julie Lewis, Co-Owner of Evolution Consultants. In the light of the challenges plaguing the growth of small, private medical practices, Julie believes that their unique problems must be dealt with an out-of-the-box approach.

This assertion itself is the foundation upon which the entire scope of services offered by Evolution Consultants rests on. With a resolute aim to help doctors focus on patient care, Evolution Consultants helps the practice retain proper control over the business aspects—all with topnotch consulting and auditing on an as needed basis. As a process controloriented medical management firm that has been in business for 16 years, Evolution Consultants houses an outstanding team of consultants and certified coders well equipped to assist with practice start-ups and practice clean-ups of all specialities.

Evolution Consultants: Assisting Small Practices to Evolve, Adapt, and Inspire

“Leveraging our medical consulting and auditing services, small practices are able to have a clear overview of their processes that allows them to keep the pulse on their business.” affirms Misty L. Chance, Co-Owner of Evolution Consultants. Likewise, the company also helps in triaging critical situations for various start-ups and clean-ups to help them ‘stop the bleeding and turn around the cash flow.’

In addition to that, when it comes to EHR conversions—the backbone of the digital transformation process for any practice—Evolution Consultants leverages its extensive experience in over twenty years of experience in EHR conversions using different software, multiple specialties, and diverse office requirements to assist medical practices select the right EHR for their practices. Evolution Consultants also work to establish and monitors contracts and communication from payers to ensure that the practice’s financial foundation is not affected by payer changes.

Apart from the company’s exceptional services helping countless medical practices unlock their true business potential, and achieve above average benchmarks, Evolution Consultant’s client onboarding process deserves mention. Evolution can provide audits that calculate the weighted cash collection percentage based on the practice payor mix, contracted rates, and set billed charge that can arm the practice with more power than a generalized benchmark can provide. “It is your individual practice cashflow fingerprint.” states Misty. When it comes to revenue management auditing, the company has an innovative approach called the ‘revenue wheel’.

“After grading each ‘spoke of the revenue wheel’, or different aspects of their revenue stream, we offer recommendations on cash flow management, billing improvements, and workflow streamlining that enables them to optimize the practice’s revenue,” says Misty. After leading Evolution Consultants for over 16 years, both Misty and Julie want to focus on further enhancing the quality of their services. “Rather than expanding into new avenues, we are looking forward to growing our client base by doing what we do best—helping doctors stay in private practice,” concludes Misty on a buoyant note.