Shayne Harris, Founder and CEO, EOS Healthcare Marketing, EOS Healthcare Marketing
Shayne Harris, Founder and CEO, EOS Healthcare MarketingEOS Healthcare Marketing is a full service,comprehensive marketing firm that is changing the landscape when it comes to the planning and execution of healthcare marketing strategies.Since its inception in 2001, they have assembled an elite team that has established the company as a national brand. “I wanted to onboard people who could think,brainstorm, and execute ideas in ways that are beyond the perimeter of standard healthcare marketing. I scoured the entire country to find the top experts, well-versed in all healthcare marketing trends and risks, who possessed a mindset focused on understanding client requirements before diving into action,” says Shayne Harris, Founder,and CEO, EOS Healthcare Marketing.

This remarkable team has enabled EOS Healthcare Marketing to cover every aspect of the marketing process from internal to external by providing research and analytics,branding and integrity, practice location services, digital marketing, and review management services. “We delve deeper into the minds of consumers to better strategist our plans and formulations. It allows us to help plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and other medical experts positively impact their business performance,” informs Harris.In addition, EOS Healthcare Marketing has also made it possible for financial institutions like banks to accelerate their underwriting processes. Having started with a vision to help startup healthcare practices gain traction in their market, Overdeveloped a proprietary technology Market Intelligence (EMI). “We built a tool to mine dataon our own to better understand the market from the standpoint of the customer and to show medical practice show they can take advantage of the local market insights provided by our real time analytics,” says Harris.

EMI curates research based data which helps reevaluate and refine their marketing efforts to help clients stay ahead of the curve. It runs on predictive analytics that give healthcare providers insights regarding the efficacy of practice locations in generating increased revenue and patient numbers in a specific market. “The process begins with real time analytics and is followed by an evaluation of the market. We apply the marbling of different tactics to optimize the marketing dollars and get the most out of it,” adds Harris.Harris noted, “We are not a traditional marketing company that people come across while searching for‘marketing companies’ or ‘healthcare marketing’ on Google.

EOS Healthcare Marketing: Strategizing Healthcare Marketing Efforts for Professionals

We delve deeper into the minds of consumers to better strategize our plans and formulations. It allows us to help plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and other medical experts positively impact their business performance

Highly respected banks across the country,such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Huntington Bank, and other financial institutions, approach our skilled team to analyze specific markets for underwriting/risk purposes. They want to know what their risks are in funding medical office startups in targeted markets.

The banks utilize the data we provide about the consumer component of the intended practice location including any physical or psychological barriers that might prevent patient growth and other factors that impact the establish mentor growth of a practice. We provide a three-dimensional analysis of the market that helps to determine the viability of funding startup that has approached them for financial help. This is a vital component of the underwriting process and our ability to supply this pertinent information shows we are viewed as providers of real time data that helps ensure success for the doctors as well as the financial institutions. We have a close partnership with these major national banks. They rely on us, and the information we provide, to make their clients successful as they begin the startup process.

”Harris shared a success story to better illustrate the power of EMI. A client wanted to resolve some practice growth issues he was facing after he decided to reposition his practice to a new community he believed had an ideal patient mix for his business. Not long after his relocation, he reached out to EOS for assistance in marketing his practice after realizing his generated revenue was not up to what he anticipated before the move. By stepping in to reanalyze the market, Revealed that its residents had already formulated interrelationships with different healthcare Providences created a plan using EMI, to identify opportunities in that same market to grow both patient count and revenue through transaction business (rather than long-term relationships). “Our company has refined guesswork marketing efforts into a ‘measure twice policyholder, where we help clients understand what is happening in the market in real time. We’re outsmarting the unknown by leveraging data and fact based finding sin building our marketing strategies,” states Harris.

This is just one of the many success stories that has made EOS Healthcare Marketing grow consistently every year since its inception. The company continues to expand its services which has helped accelerate its growth in the last two years. For example, they hired snowboarded talents throughout the trying times of the pandemic in 2020. As of now, EOS Healthcare Marketing aims to triple its worth from $3 million to $10 million by2022. “We’re neither a traditional marketing company nor a company that only offers analytics and raw data.We create and nurture relationships. Clients collaborate with us because they know we understand their value.Our combination of localized analytics and compelling content lead the way in changing the landscape of our industry” concludes Harris.