Alice Khosravy, Chief Digital Innovation Officer, Digital Health Innovations (DHI)
Alice Khosravy, Chief Digital Innovation OfficerHealthcare businesses have been riding the wave of digital transformation for the past few years. The pandemic has further accelerated the transformation as these facilities had to deal with an influx of patients while maintaining high levels of efficiency in patient care. Many of them have already invested in a host of newer systems and applications to enhance operational viability, achieve profitability, and strengthen community presence.

While digital transformation is bound to help businesses succeed, there’s an underlying problem. A closer look at the current scenario reveals that while healthcare businesses have accumulated a variety of applications and software based on the premise of a significant financial return, many of them have overlooked the digital value or failed to garner a return on investment from digitization. Many of these investments have even created a “digital debt.” Unfortunately, most of the consultants that assisted the healthcare industry in transforming its operations did not pay attention to this. They took a department-by-department approach rather than a holistic one. Moreover, a majority of service providers believe their work is done once the technology is deployed. The situation necessitates C-suite to adopt measures that will improve their organizations’ digital value and, in turn, accelerate business outcomes. However, expecting hospital CEOs and CFOs, who already have a lot on their plates, to figure out and implement these measures is unrealistic.

This is where Digital Health Innovations (DHI) makes a difference. Unlike traditional consultants, DHI fosters a holistic approach to drive the value of digital transformation in healthcare. “We are truly focused on putting a hard dollar value on any type of digital innovation in healthcare,” says Alice Khosravy, Chief Digital Innovation Officer of DHI.

As a boutique consulting firm, DHI specializes in providing digital health innovation and digital value (DV$) creation for healthcare industry stakeholders, which, in turn, will play a vital role in personalizing health experiences, improving clinical outcomes, and optimizing financial results. “Digital is no longer just a function of IT. The leadership teams of an organization should have a digital vision,” says Alice. With decades of experience in both IT and business fields, the DHI team assists healthcare leaders in understanding the impact and capabilities of a technological strategy. The company is committed to assisting small and mid-size hospitals in finding the DV$ they need to care for communities. DHI incorporates the best practices in innovation and healthcare to operationalize meaningful technology application that benefits the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Holistic Value Stream Management

The DV$, including accumulated digital debt (-DV$), directly influences the gross profit of a healthcare organization.

Digital Health Innovations (DHI): Bringing the True Value of Digital Transformation to Healthcare

We are truly focused on putting a hard dollar value on any type of digital innovation in healthcare

DHI helps organizations to determine the required applications and eliminate any superfluous and overlapping applications. This saves clients a significant amount of money that can be invested in creating a better healthcare continuum.

DHI’s exclusive approach to digital health value creation is tailored for each enterprise. This enables healthcare CFOs to monitor DV$ straight to the operating margin with suitable transparency. The insights obtained also help the leadership teams to enhance diagnostic accuracy, operational excellence, and economic stability while achieving a beneficial shift in the way the entire organization functions. For this, DHI works with leading innovators in technology, finance, and care delivery. More importantly, DHI partners with clients to ensure that the work undertaken is fully aligned with businesses’ vision and culture. “We form bespoke teams for each project that can quickly draw upon talent from across our global network,” Alice mentions. This approach has helped DHI to become a trusted adviser for a plethora of organizations.

Success Driven by Customer Centricity

What differentiates DHI is its ability to help clients capitalize on the rising digital opportunities through its widespread partner network of private equity firms and incubators in the healthcare space. This allows DHI’s clients to stay abreast of the latest developments in the healthcare tech space. Alice states, “DHI is built from the ground up with the ‘Expert Model’ framework, which means when you engage with us, your organization will benefit from working directly with highly qualified professionals in the business.”

Alice recalls an instance where a leading healthcare provider called DHI to add digital capabilities and enhance their patient engagement. Following a discussion with the hospital’s leadership team, DHI discovered that the company’s DV$ was disjointed. Using its holistic approach, DHI helped the client streamline its legacy software. With their support, the hospital was able to save over $3 million per year by evaluating and eliminating over ten programs that were no longer needed. This enabled the hospital to purchase additional patient engagement software while still having the money to invest in the facility’s progress.

What has enabled DHI to assist many such prestigious clients over the years is its competent team that has decades of experience in both IT and business fields.
The company also offers professional services that include strategic planning and insights, as well as digital value implementation and oversight, which Alice believes is critical in today’s economy. “The experience allows the team to easily understand the challenges that community hospitals, rural health organizations, and regional health systems encounter as they transition from traditional business models,” adds Alice. This goes a long way in helping architect solutions accordingly.

Building a Truly Value-based Digital Infrastructure

Having its finger on the pulse of the healthcare tech market, DHI can assess the future potential of cutting-edge tech applications such as virtual consultations, telehealth offerings, intelligent automation for clinicians and leaders, among others. Alice foresees a growth in the adoption of health apps that can seamlessly integrate with medical devices and simplify the process of allowing a patient to monitor and manage their own health records. Further, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to transform patient expectations, DHI aims to leverage its knowledge to aid clients in building a truly value-based digital infrastructure. “We’re not just in your corner. We’re in the ring with you. We work together with you to ensure the work we do is completely integrated with your vision, culture and formula for success,” informs Alice.
  • We form bespoke teams for each project that can quickly draw upon talent from across our global network

DHI also has plans to move healthcare organizations beyond traditional RPA by promoting the concept of digital healthcare professionals. It will be designed as an automated network of self-driven virtual employees who can think, act, analyze, and optimize everyday business functions. Over time, these bots will be able to analyze and learn from the tasks they perform and complete complex processes from start to finish with little to no supervision. Alice emphasizes that this integrated solution that DHI envisions will bring together a wide range of capabilities that make it seamless for a hospital to function as a unified unit.

In essence, there is no going back to the pre-digital age for the healthcare industry that is undergoing a rapid transition. To embrace this change and ensure security, stability, and process efficiency, it has become essential for businesses to understand the value created by their digital investments. DHI has all the experience to help clients bring digital value to the bottom line and excavate new revenue streams. “We have many exciting and industry specific initiatives that will be released in the fourth quarter,” says Alice. These initiatives will undoubtedly drive DHI to the top of the healthcare industry in the years to come.