Dante White, Co-founder and CEO, Daversi Medical
Dante White, Co-founder and CEOThe rapidly growing world population, climate change, environmental pollution, and the scarcity of natural resources have made sustainability one of the most significant initiatives for several organizations. The triple bottom line framework has been in use since 1994, wherein companies commit to three different bottom lines; people, profit, and the planet. However, the previous generation’s notion to ‘make it’ before giving it back to society does not sit well with Dante White.

“I believe that if we do good along the way, it becomes a part of the company’s DNA. It becomes a part of the community where you live, work, and serve. We founded Daversi Medical with a strong commitment to supporting our communities while delivering premium quality products to clients,” says Dante White, Co-founder and CEO at Daversi Medical.

A minority-owned business, Daversi Medical is a wholesale supplier of PPE, COVID-19 Antigen and Antibody tests, and other COVID-essential supplies to healthcare businesses, such as urgent care, clinics, hospitals, emergency rooms, and private practices, nationwide. With over 300,000 unique stock-keeping units (SKU), the company partners with diverse suppliers to offer a wide range of products to its clients.

Aware of the harmful effects of single-use plastics on the environment, Daversi Medical offsets the impact of its products through its philanthropic efforts, contributing a certain percentage of its annual sales to the Ocean Blue Project.

The rise of digital businesses, changing customer needs, and new types of competition emerging each day have stretched healthcare supply chains to the limit. On top of that, manufacturer consolidation, climate change events, and economic and political upheavals in the last couple of years have made it increasingly challenging to achieve cost containment.

Daversi Medical: PPE Procurement Specialists Creating a Positive Impact on the Planet

To help overcome these challenges, Daversi Medical delivers long-term solutions that provide business continuity while maintaining profitability. By leveraging its cordial relationships with tech partners like AppSmart, Telarus, and Intelisys, the company deploys cost-effective, transparent, and agile cloud and IoT solutions that enable improved analytics, intelligence, and supplier visibility.

To drive home the idea of agile and efficient solutions, Daversi Medical has established a vast network consisting of multiple distribution partners, both nationwide and globally. By tapping into its expansive network, Daversi Medical helps drive down shipping costs, reduce pollution, and minimize inventory shortcomings. This eliminates the need for large offices and allows the company’s workforce to operate remotely.

“We don’t need to maintain large fleets and warehouses because our partners already have them. Why to create another expense, another pollutant, and another bottleneck?” says White. Along with driving down costs, the company also remains as lean as possible to pass on the savings to its clients. This was clearly highlighted when Daversi Medical helped a surgical center in Hawaii with COVID-19 test kits that their regular supplier was unable to procure. The fact that Daversi Medical had offered fair prices to the client at a time when the majority of suppliers were gouging created a long-lasting impression on them.
  • We founded Daversi Medical with a strong commitment to supporting our communities while delivering premium quality products to clients

This was but one of the many instances where the company showcased its expertise in fulfilling the requirements of clients in the most challenging circumstances. Throughout the Omicron surge, Daversi Medical supplied test kits to several multinational firms to help them stay compliant with OSHA mandates and keep their employees safe.

Forged during the pandemic, Daversi Medical is an organization made to roll with the punches. Along with delivering products, the company has also created service models and solidified relations with some of the largest pharmaceutical organizations like McKesson.

Established as a 100 percent remote organization, trust is at the very core of Daversi Medical. Despite only meeting each other through virtual interactions, the company’s founders trusted one another enough to combine their resources and help frontline workers procure the life-saving PPE kits they need at fair prices.