Nick Fitzgerald, President, AuDSEO
Nick Fitzgerald, PresidentIn August 2017, President Donald Trump signed Over the Counter (OTC) Hearing Aid Act into law. The act was designed to give consumers access to hearing technology. However, the hearing aids that are being offered over-the-counter are a class of devices known as personal sound amplification products (PSAPs) than the ones prescribed by the audiologists. Nevertheless, for the hearing healthcare practices, this news came like a storm for many reasons. The most prominent one was that patients can make purchases over-the-counter, and that the devices can now be called “hearing aids”. This leads to the less number of patients approaching practices and prompts questions like, are online hearing tests accurate? According to National organizations like The American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA), though the “do-it-yourself” online mode of diagnosing and treating one’s hearing problems has become a trend nowadays, people suffering from greater hearing loss still need a better course of care and involve treatment overseen by a licensed audiologist. As a result, there is a need for practices to meet the patients where they are—online, to not only educate them when they need audiologist’s intervention but also offer the necessary treatment. Set against this backdrop is AuDSEO that provides internet marketing services to hearing aid practitioners to have a successful online presence and find more patients on the web.

AuDSEO understands that just being online won’t help the practices, as the internet is a vast place, where most of the websites get buried in thousands of online search results. AuDSEO’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service addresses the issue by leveraging an effective local SEO strategy to rank clients’ sites higher than their competitors.

AuDSEO: The Audiology SEO and Web Design Experts

On average, clients doing SEO with AuDSEO see almost an 80 percent increase annually in their search engine traffic

“Most of the time, audiology businesses won’t realize, but they have home-field advantage over their larger national competitors. This is why it is vital for hearing practices to leverage all aspects of SEO to attract their local customers online. The idea is to get our client’s audiology business on top of the web search. On average, clients doing SEO with AuDSEO see almost an 80 percent increase annually in their search engine traffic,” explains Nick Fitzgerald, President at AuDSEO.

While SEO is essential, having an effective website is equally crucial because it is the very first thing a potential customer sees. Also, the website plays a vital role in improving web search rankings. “Most marketing specialists, in any form of healthcare, build websites with rubber stamping method by only changing the logo,” points out Fitzgerald. However, AuDSEO’s approach is different. It designs the client’s website according to their needs and creates exclusive, mobile-responsive, and professionally-written content for the site. The company never uses reserve content or duplicate content for any of their clients and takes help from professional content writers to create the content for the website.

Another major factor that makes AuDSEO unique is that the company does not lock any of its clients in long term agreements. Fitzgerald states that most of their competitors design clients’ websites in such a way it feels like they have held the website hostage. However, AuDSEO does not work like this. It uses the same stable platform used by big business players, like CNN, eBay, Reuters, and Forbes, to design client websites. As a result, the clients totally own their websites and have the freedom to work with partner of their choice. “We do not hold our clients’ websites hostage. We believe that if we have done a great job, people will stay with us,” adds Fitzgerald. Due to these factors, several big names in the industry are associated with the company. AuDSEO has quickly established itself as a leader in digital marketing services for hearing healthcare, and has seen immense growth due to its unmatchable services. “Since inception, we have grown at a rate of 50 to 100 percent every year. We intend to have the same success rate in the future,” concludes Fitzgerald.