Nick Bufano, CEO, Alliance Health System
Nick Bufano, CEOAs the engine behind the most admired healthcare systems in New Jersey, Alliance Health System (AHS) has redefined what it means to be a doctor and a patient. By unifying the efficiencies that patients wanted with the processes that doctors needed, AHS has created a culture where doctors are empowered to provide outstanding care possible for patients. The current Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) processes in the healthcare industry for submitting claims, processing payments, and generating income need to be revamped continuously to track vital financial information that drives revenue for a clinic. Since healthcare reimbursements are shifting away from fee-for-service payments and toward value-based care, healthcare providers are developing more accurate and effective billing systems with greater transparency and interoperability. Alliance Health Systems, with a primary focus on Value-Based Reimbursement (VBR), has joined this value chain, providing healthcare management with insights to determine how VBR can help reduce patient expenditure significantly, improve the quality of care, and minimize the amount of money wasted on ineffective care. “We can give them real-time analytics based on their profile, facilities, and doctors in that specialty. This allows them to make better and more efficient decisions for their patient care,” states Nick Bufano, CEO of AHS.

AHS– a full-service management and consulting organization –focuses on helping healthcare management including NJ Spine and Wellness, AMG Orthopedics, TeamMD Surgery Center and Ambulatory Surgery Center of Old Bridge improve their processes efficiently by offering data analysis, practice administration, branding, billing, business development, organizational structuring, staffing, and professional networking services, which extensively enhance the workflows of healthcare facilities.

Alliance Health System: Transparent Services for Better Patient Care

AHS improves a clinic’s patient care cycle efficiency by adhering to a robust patient care model primarily focused on maximizing value for patients at an equitable cost. AHS takes a distinct and differentiated approach to the patient care cycle, outperforming the industry standard in the timeliness of care, consistency with data tracking, and ultimately returning patients to optimal health.

Upon engagement with a client, the patient-centric AHS performs a deep dive into their operations and looks at all the critical aspects of their services and a patient’s review of the diagnostics or treatments received. Moreover, AHS also studies the patient acquisition strategy and how doctors perform based on their reputation; with all the acquired information, it provides a transparent report of the operations to the clinic. AHS provides insightful assessment in real-time, allowing clients to make timely, critical decisions.

Recognizing that doctors struggle to understand how to be efficient and effective in actualizing patient care, AHS focuses on providing services to Managed Service Organizations (MSO) in orthopedics as well as sports medicine. To that end, AHS enables MSO growth by leveraging economies of scale to improve efficiency and the overall care provided to a patient.
  • We can give them real-time analytic insight based on their patient profiles, facilities, and doctors in that specialty. This allows them to make better and more efficient decisions for their patient care

The core competency of AHS lies in data analysis. Clinicians with backgrounds in sports medicine, pain management, and orthopedics then use this data to deliver efficient care within the standard plan descriptions of each particular insurance carrier. Interestingly, AHS’s information institute–Alliance International Information Institute–in Aruba performs R&D and constantly analyzes updates and changes to insurance carriers’ policies and procedures. The R&D team enables AHS to better articulate to physicians and patients the time parameters that these types of carriers deliver and the precise details of the care if and when necessary. The team also performs quality assurance in data and optics, identifying how AHS improves its processes with patients through surveys, follow-ups, and staff reports. Quality assurance enables doctors to gain visibility on their plan of action in terms of operations, stay in compliance, and provide the best possible experience for their patients. As evidenced by AHS’s services, the company’s sole priority is to inspire the healthcare sector individuals to improve their processes, mindset, and overall patient care by providing the resources they need to help their patients get better faster.