Susan Tanyi, Physician, CEO and President, Ivy League Health
Susan Tanyi, Physician, CEO and PresidentPrimary care providers are considered the right choice for patients to manage their long-term healthcare issues. However, the moment a medical emergency strikes, patients seeking instant relief face hurdles in accessing the same providers as they remain mostly unavailable for immediate consulting due to long wait lines. This leads patients to visit an urgent care center, which often becomes expensive. Moreover, unlike primary care providers, urgent care specialists are unequipped with the patient’s medical history, which causes delays in administering proper treatment. This is where Ivy League Health stands apart in bridging the care gap by bringing primary and urgent care under the same roof to meet all healthcare needs of patients.

Ivy League Health’s primary care, urgent care, and 24/7 virtual care services extend from pediatrics to geriatrics across all age and gender groups. Ivy League Health’s affordable and accessible quality healthcare services include family medicine services for preventative and chronic care management and laboratory services, as well as emergency walk-in facilities for acute illness and injury management, and COVID-19 testing services.

“We are an all-inclusive care center where we tie in primary care and urgent care in one place,” says Dr. Susan Tanyi, physician, CEO, and President of Ivy League Health.

Ivy League Health’s unique, integrated healthcare model enables patients to receive primary or urgent care as and when the need arises. For instance, those who are already enrolled as Ivy League Health’s primary care patients can access its urgent care services on the same day, rather than waiting for several weeks to get treated by primary care providers.

Ivy League Health: Integrated Care Center for All Healthcare Needs

As urgent care specialists at Ivy League Health are equipped with the patient’s medical history, they are able to quickly address the health issues of the patient.

In addition to making quality care accessible to patients at all times, Ivy League Health also ensures that patients have access to personalized care from the comfort of their homes. As part of its chronic care management services, the company’s remote monitoring program ensures round-the-clock virtual care for patients. Ivy League Health’s behavioral and mental health service—offered in partnership with Better Health—is another strong suit of the company. Likewise, Ivy League Health’s on-site laboratory and radiology services and an in-house x-ray facility help fast-track diagnosis and treatment procedures.

Ivy League Health also caters to organizations through its employer solutions to ensure the optimal health of their employees. Ivy League Health covers all possible employee healthcare requirements of organizations by providing preventative healthcare services and wellness programs for existing employees and employment physicals and drug screening services during employee onboarding. For instance, in response to a transport company’s need to ensure its employees are up-to-date with their DOT physicals and certifications for safe road travel, Ivy League Health successfully conducted DOT physicals for their drivers. Through the physical assessments, Ivy League Health helped identify and remedy their chronic health conditions and monitored their health before certifying them for road journeys. This significantly reduced their on-road health risks and helped the transport company avoid costly medical expenditures.

Apart from the employer solutions, Ivy League Health has a healthcare membership program to empower organizations looking to offer comprehensive healthcare benefits to their employees at affordable rates. Through customized membership plans, Ivy League Health enables employers to help their workforces save healthcare benefits and insurance costs. The membership plans are also tailored for individuals who are either uninsured or insured on high-deductible healthcare plans.
  • We are an all-inclusive care center where we tie in primary care and urgent care in one place

Dedicated to providing compassionate patient care with a clear vision of creating remarkable patient experiences, Ivy League Health will remain committed to ensuring easy access to affordable healthcare services. On a mission to empower communities to live healthier and happier lives, Ivy League Health will continue to deliver holistic healthcare to everyone under a single umbrella